80s TV Trivia Quiz

Do you think you know 1980s television? Take our 10 question 80s TV trivia challenge to see how much you really know. We have a ton of questions here, so once you finish, please PLAY AGAIN for a different 80s TV quiz!

Question #1: What was Sam Malone’s jersey number when he played for the Red Sox?

Question #2: Who does Mork report to in every episode of “Mork & Mindy”?

Question #3: Who shote J.R. in “Dallas”?

Question #4: What was the name of the German cook in “Benson”?

Question #5: Which series below was not a spin off of “Happy Days”?

Question #6: The full name of Carla on “Cheers” is?

Question #7: What was Sam Malone’s nickname during his baseball career?

Question #8: What was Norm’s first name in “Cheers”?

Question #9: According to the sign outside the bar, when was “Cheers” established?

Question #10: What rank was Al Calavici in “Quantum Leap”?

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