List of Prime Time TV Shows 1983

What were the Prime Time TV Shows in 1983?

Prime Time TV shows are defined as television programming that aired during specific block of time in the evening hours. This time period has been determined to have the most amount of viewers per day. In the United States, Prime Time TV shows aired between 8:00 PM and 11:00 PM or 7:00 PM and 10:00 PM on the west coast.

Most viewers in 1983 had only four channels to chose from; ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS.  The Fox Channel didn’t premier until 1985 and cable television was still in its infancy.  But although there was only a small selection of channels, there were many great programs to watch.

Prime Time TV Shows 1983

The TV Guide Fall Preview 1983 listed a few dozen new TV shows for the fall schedule.  Some of them became instant classics, while others were quickly forgotten.  Taking a look at the Prime Time lineup below, most of the new shows  are written in bold.  Shows like The A Team, Webster and Scarecrow and Mrs. King would become big hits.  Other shows such as Mr. Smith and Manimal were cancelled rather quickly.

prime time tv shows 1983

TV show listings for Prime Time TV in 1983.

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