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Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley Lookalike – Even Their Moms Mixed Them Up

by Kim

Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley Lookalike

Who is Natalie Portman?

Natalie Portman, real name Natalie Hirschlag (born June 9, 1981 in Jerusalem), is an Israeli-American actress known for her aristocratic poise and nuance in portraying the struggles of a complicated precocious young woman. .

Natalie Hirschlag was born in Jerusalem. Her mother was American and her father, who later became a fertility doctor, was Israeli. In 1984 her family moved to the United States, eventually settling in Syosset, Long Island, New York.

After her brief stint as a model, Herschlag turned to acting and she landed her first film role in Leon (1994; The Professional). She co-starred with French actor Jean Reno, playing a girl trained to be an assassin after her parents were murdered. Herschlag took her maternal grandmother’s surname at this point to avoid unwanted attention for her sexually charged roles.

Portman worked steadily, taking supporting roles in the relationship drama Beautiful Girls (1996), Woody Allen’s musical Everyone Says I Love You (1996), and Tim Burton’s alien invasion comedy Mars Attacks! (1996), before appearing as an elaborately costumed Queen Amidala in the Star Wars prequels, Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (1999). Portman reprised that role in her two sequels to her films (2002, 2005).

Despite being rejected by critics and offended by many die-hard fans of her early films, her trilogy was highly lucrative and established Portman as a recognizable face.

Who is Keira Knightley?

Keira Knightley is an English actress. She gained international fame after appearing in her film Bend It Like Beckham (2002). She has appeared in films such as Knightley, Love She Actually (2003), Pirates of the Caribbean film series, and Impersonation Game (2014). In 2018, she became an OBE at Buckingham Palace.

Knightley was born on March 26, 1985, in Teddington, Middlesex, England, to Sherman Macdonald, a Scottish actress and award-winning playwright, and Will Knightley, an English theater and television actor.

Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley Lookalike

She has her older brother Caleb. Knightley spent most of her life in Richmond on the Thames, where she attended Teddington School and her college in Esher. Knightley suffers from dyslexia but did well in school to please her parents, which allowed her to have an agent and pursue an acting career. She has appeared in many local amateur productions such as After Juliet and United States.

Knightley began his acting career at the age of seven, making his television debut in Royal Celebration (1993) and also appearing in the television series The Bill (1995). She appeared in several more TV movies in the mid-to-late 1990s before being cast as Sabé, in her 1999 sci-fi blockbuster Star Wars: Episode I – Phantom Menace.

Knightley was cast because she resembled Natalie Portman as Padmé. The mother of two actresses had a hard time distinguishing her daughters when they wore heavy makeup. Her first starring role in Knightley was in 2001 when she played Robin She Hood’s daughter in the television movie ‘Princesses of Thieves’ produced by Disney Productions.

During this time, Knightley also starred in her The Hole, a direct-to-video thriller in the United States, and her Doctor Zhivago mini-series, a remake, which first aired in 2002.

What Happened Between Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley?

Many of Portman’s scenes in Star Wars were shot in Algeria, where she worked with an army of on-screen doubles, among them Keira Knightley, a British actor who is four years younger than Portman.

Knightley played Sabé, one of Padmé’s favorite decoys, and Portman’s voice was eventually dubbed into Knightley’s lines.

The elaborate costumes and dramatic makeup combined with the facial similarities left Knightley and Portman constantly confused during filming.

For Portman, the biggest Star Wars surprise was not the filming experience, but the negative public reaction. Also, young stars like her and Knightley were sexualized early in her career and were constantly being asked for the same roles.

As a teenager, Knightley was acutely aware of his resemblance to other young stars, including Portman. But as an adult, Knightley benefits from her one difference with her peers, which is her height.

She is 10 cm taller than Portman. However, fans continue to confuse Knightley with Portman, who has bounced back from Star Wars prequel backlash and starred in V for Vendetta (2005), Black Swan (2010) and the biopic Jackie (2016).

Portman wants people to see that she is as beautiful as another actress. In 2020, she participated in a meme called “Dolly Parton Challenge” on Instagram, in included pictures of herself and others who looked very similar to her, including Keira Knightley, Giada De Laurentiis, Emily Ratajkowski and Millie Bobby Brown.

Is Natalie Portman Related to Keira Knightley?

Some believe that Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley look alike and that this is because of Star Wars. Of course, Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley are unrelated.

However, the distinctions that can be made are numerous, and the distinctions between them are numerous enough to be realized. There is one important difference that cannot be ignored.

Knightley Appears in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, but Portman never appeared in a Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

These two women must admit that they are known for their roles in these films. Nevertheless, Knightley appeared in The Phantom Menace as Sabé, Queen Amidala’s bodyguard. However, another distinction must be made.

First of all, they are years and inches apart. Knightley, in particular, is about three inches taller than Portman, and at least she’s three or four years younger. Still, Knightley’s debut came just a year after Portman.

If you really want to tell the difference, it has a lot to do with the form of energy you put into the position. Natalie is much more rigorous and grounded, but Keira swims against the current and makes the existing look like a rebellious type who struggles to do whatever it takes to disrupt order. Her performance in Domino and her role in the Pirates film series as Elizabeth Swann are notable for this. emphasized.

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