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80s Chewels Candy

by Kathy

The chewel candy is a very interesting candy that was produced in the 80s and has a unique flavor that no other candy has.

The Flavor

The chewel candy has a very unique flavor that gives it an intensely sweet taste and can be eaten in layers to maximize its taste. It is described as having a sweet cream center surrounded by crunchy chocolate covered nuts with a lot of peanut butter mixed into it. This means that the outer layer is the soft chewy shell, which contains the peanuts and crunchy chocolate, then there is the pulp that comes after which is made of cream-filled peanut balls covered in chocolate and then finally there is the filling which consists of creamy peanut butter wrapped around tiny balls of butter. There are different types of flavors that have been produced in different parts of the USA but you cannot find them anywhere else but in China because they are not legal here (due to containing peanuts).

The Process

To make the chewel candy you first have to mix the chewy ingredients together and then add the cream to it. Then you have to mix it again until there is a uniform texture. After it has been mixed you put it in a baking tray that has been lined with wax paper and then put them in an oven for about 30-50 minutes. After that you remove them from the oven and let them cool down which will give them their crunchy texture, after this is done, then you can eat them one by one as they are still very soft so they do not break apart easily when you bite into it. The outer layer is usually eaten first because it is softer and melts quickly in the mouth. It is recommended to eat them one by one as they are still very soft so they do not break apart easily when you bite into them.

The Ingredients

The ingredients used to make the chewel candy are chewy peanuts, creamy peanut butter, and chocolate. These ingredients give the chewel candy its signature flavor because of how sweet it tastes which makes the chewing process very enjoyable. The peanut butter gives the chewel candy a creamy texture while also giving it its unique flavor, this adds a smooth taste to each bite that is unlike other candies on the market today (especially if you compare them with normal chocolates). The crunchy outer shell holds each filling nicely without spilling out and gives it a crunchy texture to munch on. The combination of these ingredients results in an extremely delicious flavor that you would really enjoy if you ever got the chance to try it.

The Presentation

The chewels candy looks like normal chewy candies except they are wrapped in wax paper instead of plastic and they have cream filling inside them whereas regular chocolates do not have any fillings. They also have a unique shape that is different from any other kind of candy. They come in different colors, flavors and shapes, but the most common ones are green, red and pink ones which can be found at any Chinese supermarket.

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