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Fitness Instructors Who Were Popular In The 80s

by Julie

By the 1980s, fitness and health were increasingly popular. Aerobics was a popular activity for both men and women. Many people wanted to be fit and healthy, so many fitness instructors were needed to teach classes.

During the 1980s, aerobics classes were taught in gyms, clubs, schools, hospitals, parks and other places where people could exercise. It was a great way to get fit while having fun! In the 1990s aerobics moved from gyms into homes with videos like “Buns of Steel.” Aerobic exercise has many benefits including weight loss and increased muscle tone.

Did you know?

During the 1980s, many women wore leotards, tights, and sweatpants to work out in gyms and fitness clubs. Women also wore these types of clothing at home while exercising on their own with workout videos or video games.

Athletic clothing was very popular during the 1980s. Leotards are tight, stretchy garments that cover the entire body except for the hands and feet. They can be worn over or under clothing and are very comfortable to wear during physical activity. Sweatpants are loose-fitting pants made of thick cotton or synthetic material. Tights are tight leggings that come up to just below the waist and extend down to just above the ankle.

Workout Videos in the 1980s:

During the 1980s, people wanted to exercise at home. They could do this by using workout videos. There were many different types of workout videos available during the 1980s. Some workout videos were filmed live, while others were pre-recorded. The workouts featured in these videos included aerobics, strength training, and yoga. Many people also used exercise equipment like dumbbells and barbells at home to help them lose weight and get fit. Exercise equipment was often sold in fitness clubs and gyms. These pieces of equipment could also be purchased from stores that sold sporting goods or health and beauty products.

Aerobic dance became very popular during the 1980s because it was a fun way to get fit while having fun! Aerobic dance is an aerobic activity that combines different styles of dance with aerobic exercises like jogging, jumping, running, hopping, skipping, etc. People also danced to music in groups during aerobics classes at fitness clubs and gyms. Aerobic dance is a great way to get fit because it is low impact on the joints so it doesn’t put too much stress on them as other types of exercise do such as running or jogging.

Fitness Instructors in the 1980s:

During the 1980s, there were many different types of fitness instructors. These fitness instructors taught aerobics, strength training, and yoga. They also gave nutritional advice and helped people to lose weight. The majority of fitness instructors were women. In fact, during the 1980s, women made up more than 70% of all fitness instructors.

Jane Fonda was a famous fitness instructor during the 1980s. She was a well-known actress who made exercise videos in the 1980s. Jane Fonda is one of the first celebrities to create exercise videos. She also created a workout program called “Jane Fonda’s Workout.” In 1982, she produced a video called “Jane Fonda’s Workout: A New Beginning.” This video sold more than 2 million copies.

Jane Fonda is a well-known actress who made exercise videos in the 1980s.

Most Popular Fitness Instructors in the 1980s:

Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons has been called the most famous fitness instructor in the world. He was one of the first fitness instructors to break through to mainstream America, appearing on The Tonight Show and becoming a household name. He also made exercise videos and became a television personality.

Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda started out as an actress but soon branched out into aerobics, starting with her best-selling workout book Jane Fonda’s Workout Book. She also created her own line of exercise videos and became one of the first celebrity fitness instructors. Her exercises, which focused on “aerobic dance” or “fitness aerobics” were revolutionary at the time and have had a huge impact on modern exercise classes like Zumba and Hip Hop Abs.

Denise Austin

Denise Austin was one of the first celebrity fitness instructors who started out as a professional dancer in Las Vegas shows like Thunder From Down Under. She appeared on television shows like Good Morning America and eventually started releasing her own exercise videos, which are still available today (and still being sold!). In addition to being a fitness instructor, she is also an author who has written dozens of books about exercise and dieting.

Brooke Burke

Before she was a TV personality, Brooke Burke was a professional dancer and model. She appeared in music videos for artists like Aerosmith and in fitness videos like Aerobics 2000. In 1998, she became the host of her own television show called Wild On…, which featured segments on outdoor adventures as well as exercise routines. Her show ran for nine seasons before being cancelled in 2006. She is now the host of Dancing With The Stars and has made several appearances on other shows including VH1’s Rock Of Love and Fashion Police.

Suzanne Bowen

Suzanne Bowen is a professional fitness instructor who was one of the first to combine aerobics with Pilates. Her series of workouts is called “Pilates & More” and she has released DVDs with names like Pilates & More: Lean Legs, Flat Abs, Thighs & Butt and Pilates & More: Slimmer Thighs & Trimmer Waist (and more!). In addition to her DVDs, she also has books about her workouts available through her website (like Pilates & More: Lose Weight & Feel Great!).

Mandy Ingber

Mandy Ingber is a professional fitness instructor who teaches the “Body by Mandy” workout series. She started her career as a dancer and has worked with artists like Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul and Madonna. She also wrote the book Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover! which is a New York Times bestseller.

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