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80s Glasses – Old-School Styles

by Mackenzie

Like the classic 1980s glasses, the 1980s sunglasses share a similar design in frame and shape. The only difference between the two is that the sunglasses are slightly larger in size and have a more rectangular shape.

As a result of its popularity, this style of glasses has also become one of the most sought-after styles in the 1980s eyewear fashion.

Also known as “antique glasses”, these vintage 80s eyeglasses are also considered to be a classic style of vintage eyeglasses. Available in various colors such as clear, black, brown and yellow, these 80s glasses are also available with different frame colors – including black and brown.



In the 1980s, this style of glasses was part of the “geek” fashion. However, as time went by, more and more people started wearing them and they became an essential 1980s eye-wear fashion accessory.

Famous wearers: The famous character “Clark Kent” from Superman (played by actor Christopher Reeve) wore this style of glasses on his television show during the 1980s. Famous film star Michael J. Fox (“Back to the Future”) wore 1980s vintage glasses in his first feature film, which became an instant hit with critics and the public.

1. 1980s Rectangular Glasses

The main features of the 1980s glasses include the following:

These glasses feature a rectangular frame shape.

Rectangular in shape, the frames are larger than other styles of glasses.

These vintage 80s glasses usually feature a pinched bridge shape and have a thin nose bridge.



A common feature that most 80s glasses have is the “bend” at the end of the temple arms – these help to create a more comfortable fit on your face.

In some cases, these glasses also tend to have two pairs of frame arms. One pair is attached to the main pair while the other is stuck to it via a pin or sometimes wire. The purpose of this extra piece is to provide support for your temples and prevent them from bending outward or falling off when they hit something hard, like a table or wall. This feature makes these glasses very durable and gives them an extended life-span.

2. “Marilyn” Frame Shape

A classic 80s eyeglass design has been referred to as “Marilyn” frame shape because they were first designed in honor of Marilyn Monroe – one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood during 1950s and 1960s. These 80s vintage eyeglasses are also known as “cat eye glasses” or “Marilyn Monroe glasses.”



The main features of the “Marilyn” frame shape include:

The frame of the glasses is rectangular or square in shape.

These 80s eyeglasses can be made from either plastic or glass.

A popular style of vintage eyewear during the 1980s, these glasses are also considered as one of the most stylish and elegant designs ever created.

The frames are very thin and have a simple, yet feminine design. In most cases, the frames will have a slight bend at the end of the main pair of frame arms. These bend make them fit comfortably on your face without any discomfort or irritation to your ears or nose. They are also very easy to wear and take off thanks to its thin and light design.



In general, you can find two variations of “Marilyn” frame shape glasses – one with a single pair of frames (single-frame glasses) and another with two pairs (double-frame glasses). In addition, you will also find four types of “Marilyn” style vintage 80s eyeglasses: Rectangle Frame Glasses; Square Frame Glasses; Diamond Frame Glasses; Oval Frame Glasses.

3. 1980 “Wayfarer” Glasses

The “Wayfarer” frame shape is also a popular 80s vintage eyewear shape. In fact, it is also one of the most popular shapes for 1960s and 1970s vintage eyeglasses.

The main features of the “Wayfarer” frame shape include:

A rectangular or square shaped frame with a thicker top than the bottom.



The top of the frame is made from a thin piece of plastic while the bottom is made from a thicker piece of plastic. The bottom piece has a curved edge that points downward while the top portion is straight and has no bend. The end result is that the frames appear to have an arched shape when viewed from above.

These glasses are available in two different variations – single-frame glasses and double-frame glasses. They are also available in various colors such as clear, black, brown, red, burgundy or yellow. In addition, these vintage 80s eyeglasses can be made with either plastic or glass frames. The material used to make them will determine their durability and price (plastic frames are cheaper than glass frames). It will also affect their weight and overall look and feel when worn on your face. For this reason, many people chose to use plastic frames instead of glass frames.

The Wayfarer frame is one of the most popular styles of 80s eyeglasses. In fact, it was so popular in the 1960s and 1970s that it was also known as “Hendrix” glasses. This is because this style of glasses was worn by famous musician Jimi Hendrix during his live performances back in the 1960s and 1970s. Today, they are still very popular among music lovers and rock stars.

4. 1980s Aviator Glasses

The 1980s retro aviator glasses are a very stylish pair of vintage 80s eyewear that has remained popular for over a decade – from the 1980s to the early 2000s (and even up to today). The main features of these 80’s eyeglasses include:



These glasses feature a rectangular or square shaped frame with arched ends on each arm. The arms usually have small cutouts on each end that extend beyond the front edges of the lenses. In some cases, there are no cutouts at all if the lenses don’t have a distinct design at their edges.

These glasses usually feature a very simple, yet elegant design. The frames are often made from plastic, but they can also be made from glass (depending on the frame material, these glasses can be quite expensive). The frames are available in clear, black, brown or red.

The lenses are usually flat and have a rectangular shape. However, some vintage 80s eyeglasses feature lenses with a round shape that has a rectangular shape cutout at its center.

The front edge of each lens is tapered and slightly raised to create an eyebrow-like appearance. This makes the lenses look more stylish and attractive.

However, some people consider this feature to be an eyesore because it is more distracting than appealing when viewed from the side. It might not look like your natural eyebrows, but it will make your eyes look larger and more attractive when viewed from the front or above.

This is why many people love these glasses and why they have been so popular for so long – starting in the 1980s until today!

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