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Aspen Fashion Theme From The 80s

by Kim

The 1980s in Aspen was a time of great change. At the end of the 1970s, Aspen was a sleepy ski town with a population of less than 10,000. By 1980, Aspen had become an international jet-set destination with 20,000+ visitors and the beginning of an exorbitant housing market. The 1980s in Aspen will be remembered as a time when the rich and famous came to town and changed the landscape forever.

The Aspen scene in the 1980s was characterized by the influx of wealth and international jet setters, the development of Aspen’s first luxury hotel, and the development of Aspen’s first high-end condominium building.

The 1980s in Aspen were a time when people came to town to party and to experience life in a jet-set town. The hard work that had been done in the 1970s was being paid off, with several very successful revitalization efforts. These revitalization efforts included improvements to the downtown’s infrastructure and appearance, beautification projects such as the construction of the “Gondola,” and several projects such as The Little Nell, The Dunbar Hotel, expansion of Snowmass Village, expansion at Buttermilk Ski Area and Aspen Highlands ski area.

The 1980s in Aspen was a time when women’s fashion was very athletic. The 80’s ski look for women included turtlenecks, ski jackets, ankle boots, and tights.

The 1980s in Aspen was a time when new fashions were introduced and the old ways of dressing went out the window. The 80s was a time when fashion took a back seat to comfort and function. The “yuppie” look of the 1980s in Aspen reflected this trend – relaxed, comfortable, functional clothing that you could wear all day long without worrying about your outfit or how you looked. This look included relaxed fit jeans, sweaters or turtlenecks, soft leather loafers with no socks, running shoes or casual sandals.

The 1980s in Aspen had lots of fun fashions and styles such as: fleece, jackets with big puffy sleeves (okay, maybe not so fashionable) and Lycra bike shorts (they were so ugly they were considered fashionable in the 80s).

Aspen fashion and style in the 1980s reflected the influx of wealth. The 1980s in Aspen were characterized by a change from ‘hippie chic’ to a more luxurious, modern style.

Here are some of the most popular Aspen fashion trends of the 1980s:

Big Hair

1980s Aspen hair was big, big, big. The bigger the better. Long, flowing, and often curly – the 1980s in Aspen was a time when big hair met big fashion.

Ski Chic

The 1980s in Aspen was a time of skiers, skiers, and more skiers. A fun 1980s ski look is a white beanie, headband or bandana, goggles, and a bright-colored jacket and scarf. An 80’s Aspen ski look is a light-colored jacket and scarf with blue jeans or ski pants and boots. Both are easy to recreate for your next Aspen party. Pick up some ski clothes at your local thrift store or vintage store.

Activewear & Athletic Wear

The 80’s in Aspen was an active time for all winter sports: skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling as well as summer sports: hiking, biking and fly-fishing. The popular 1980s ski look included the classic turtleneck sweater with the “Buffalo Check” pattern. The “Buffalo Check” pattern was very popular in the 80s. If you were looking for an athletic look that was fashionable yet functional, you opted for high-top tennis shoes with sweat pants or shorts and a muscle tee shirt that said something about your favorite sport (or just something cool). White athletic socks completed this look.

Fashionable Skiwear

The 1980s in Aspen was a time of skiing and snowboarding. The ski look for women was a warm ski jacket, scarf, and earmuffs or helmet. You could mix and match your ski clothes or wear all white ski gear – very fashionable – very chic! The 1980s in Aspen was also a time when colorful snowboard pants were the rage. You could snowboard in a pair of bright red pants that were perfect for the powder or in a pair of black pants for the groomed runs as you made your way down Aspen mountain.

The 1980s in Aspen was a time of change. It was a time when the Aspen scene was being transformed from a sleepy ski town to an international destination where the wealthy could come to experience life in the great outdoors.

The 1980s in Aspen was also a time of great music. The music scene in Aspen boomed during the 1980s with such bands as Fleetwood Mac, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Roxy Music, and Bonnie Raitt. There was no place like Aspen for live music!

Here are the most popular music videos of the 1980s in Aspen.

“I Need To Know” by Marc Anthony

This song is a beautiful example of the popularity of salsa music during the 1980s in Aspen. The song, “I Need To Know”, was popularized by Marc Anthony in the year 2000.

“Love Will Turn You Around” by Kenny Rogers

This song was popularized by Kenny Rogers in the year 1984. The video depicts a night out with friends and features beautiful footage of Aspen during the 1980s. It is a great representation of what it was like to be in Aspen during this period!

“Aspen Gold” by Marc Anthony 

This song was popularized by Marc Anthony in the year 2000. This video is a great representation of the 1980’s Aspen and captures footage of Aspen that still exists today.

The 1980s in Aspen were a time when the town was beginning to see the fruits of its labor come to fruition. It was becoming a place where people came to get away from it all and to party like there was no tomorrow. The 1980s in Aspen will be remembered as an iconic part of Aspen’s history, and will always be remembered as the decade that transformed Aspen into an international jet-set destination!

 “A Horse With No Name” by America

This song is from America’s 1972 album, America. The video is a great representation of music videos during the 1980s, particularly the ones from Aspen!

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