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80s Popular Clothes

by Julie

The 1980s was the decade of many changes in fashion. The most prominent change that occurred in popular fashion during this decade was a shift from the “classically elegant” style to a more casual, “street-style” look.

The 1980s marked the beginning of a new era in fashion. The decade’s most defining fashion trends were a shift to street-style clothing and the use of bright colors. There was also a revival of mid-century styles such as wide leg trousers, asymmetrical hemlines, and bell-bottoms. Here are some of the fashion trends found in the 80s:

Neon Colors

The 1980s saw the use of bright colors, primarily neon pink and neon green. Neon colors are often associated with youth culture because of their association to a younger generation. The use of bold, primary colors was infused in both casual clothes to even more professional styles, including suits. However, they were perhaps more commonly seen when incorporated into the tight bodysuits and leotards often worn as athletic wear at the time.

Power Suits

The 1980s was also the decade where the “Power Suit” came into fashion. This trend involved wearing power suits with skinny ties, button down shirts, and loafers. The suit also heavily emphasized one’s shoulders and arms. The style became so popular that many people in Hollywood began wearing them on-screen as well. This fashion used bold shapes and sharp edges to accentuate the wearer’s body. The suits were also very popular with women who liked a more androgynous style, or simply deviating from the typical feminine style.

Wide Leg Trousers

The wide leg trousers became popular in the 1980s due to their simplicity and low cost. They were favored by both men and women. Their popularity came from their practicality as well as their boldness in breaking away from classic fashion trends that dictated what was appropriate for wearing during the late 1970s and early 1980s, such as that women should always wear clothes that created a flattering, hourglass-like figure.

High-Waisted Jeans

The 1980s saw the use of high-waisted jeans along with the wider leg pants. Like the wide-leg trousers, they were a fresh change to the traditional jeans that were popular at the time. They exposed more of the leg, revealed a more masculine look, and came with a more relaxed fit. Some also used denim cut-offs to create an even bolder look than slacks alone. Even today, high-waisted jeans are still very popular. They commonly come in the form of the “mom jeans” and the “boyfriend jeans” cut.

Leg Warmers

The 1980s saw the use of leg warmers as a fashion trend. This was a popular style because it was simple and comfortable. Leg warmers come in many different styles, colors, and patterns. They can be made of any material such as wool or cotton. Understandably, they were mostly seen during winter times, worn as a replacement or an addition for socks. Even though leg warmers are not commonly seen these days, they still maintain their popularity among both men and women alike.

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