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80s Popular Colors

by Julie

Throughout the 1980s, the 1980s popular colors all had a sense of gaudy color, rather than the typical discreet shades of brown, gray, or black that were seen up until then. In terms of western fashion, the 80s signified the era of the excess, of over-the-top shoulder pads and headbands, as well as the neon leotards worn as athletic wear.

Neon Colors Were All the Rave

Neon was the big thing in the 80s. In the eighties, people were very excited about colors that were very attractive and bright. You can often see many splashes of neon to add a little color to what otherwise is a somewhat dreary existence.

Neon colors that would’ve been considered garish and tacky before the 1980s were now stylish and trendy, all thanks to the advent of neon lights. The first place this trend began was with shoes, which became popular among both adolescents and adults alike during this decade.

Additionally, neon was often seen being incorporated into leotards, which were worn by both women and men. Leotards were big in the 80s and featured bright colors, stripes, and neon patterns. The 80s often featured power suits with shoulder pads, which were also big right around this time and often came in neon and primary hues.

Shades of Blue and Green Represented the Decade

Blue was the color of the decade. The sky blue color featured in so many of this decade’s fashion trends was seen as a symbol of good luck, intelligence and wealth. Blue also had a connotation with water – it represented stability and calmness.

The other predominant color during the 80s was green. Green was an emblematic color to represent nature, because it is one of the most abundant colors on earth. Green also has a positive connotation with money, which is another reason why it became so prominent during this decade.

Milder Tones Weren’t Forgotten, Either

While bright neon colors were extremely popular during the Eighties, a range of pretty pastel colors was also very popular. A beautiful cream-colored white was often used for wearing clothes, furniture, and rugs. Soft mauves and peachy pinks were very popular for interior decorating, makeup, and clothing.

Rich earthy hues and steely gray colors became very popular during the last two years of the decade. These shades were used more often in men’s fashion and in interior design.

One of the biggest fashion trends during the 80s was the power suit. Power suits were often very dark and masculine, but were also wide and loose fitting. They were popular with businessmen and as part of the corporate uniform.

Another trend that was popular during the 80s was shoulder pads, which became very common in women’s fashion. Shoulder pads became extremely popular during this decade, because they made a woman look much more mature than she would if she didn’t wear them. Both power suits and clothes with shoulder pads tend to feature milder tones to match the more professional setting the wearers usually needed them for.

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