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80s Popular Game Shows

by Mackenzie

TV during the 1980s was a boom time for game shows. Shows such as The Joker’s Wild and Family Feud were huge ratings successes, and the networks were quick to start producing new game shows that would capitalize on their success. It is therefore very interesting to look at some of the most popular game shows from this decade and see what they have in common with our culture today. Some of them are still around today but others have been replaced by new games.

Here are some of the most popular game shows of the 1980s:


This game show debuted in 1964 and it has been broadcast continuously since then. It is currently hosted by Alex Trebek, who made his debut as the host of this show in 1984.

It is popular because it uses unconventional formats. It is done by first giving the contestants questions that they are asked to answer, and then by making them wager the money that they have amassed to increase their chance of winning.

So, the player who last responded correctly to the last set of questions is the one who controls the board and selects the clue that they should pick. There are three contestants that will buzz in once Trebek has finished reading the clue. The person who hits the signaling device first will earn the right to reply.

If they are correct, they will get to choose the next clue. If they are incorrect, their competitors can buzz in and snatch points from them. You are allowed to ask your questions even if they are incorrect by a syllable or letter, in their pronunciation, or if they forget to respond with the correct form of the question.

The Price is Right

The game show “The Price is Right” made big money in the 1980s, and it relied on the ability of the contestants to guess the price of a variety of consumer goods. The series ran from 1984 to 1988, hosted by Leslie Crowther.

While the competition was happening, a list of the merchandise would be described to each participant. They would take turns guessing what the retail recommended price for each item was. The person who guessed closest to the actual price would win. Although, the prizes for guessing correctly were often quite lame. The final round of the game has the winning contestant guessing the value of a whole host of prizes, known also as “the showcase.”

Family Feud

This game show debuted in 1976. It features two families who have to compete with each other based on questions that are asked. The questions usually revolve around a wide variety of topics, and they are each answered by members from one of the families.

One family member from each team is brought to the podium for each question. Whoever buzzes first is eligible to give the first answer. If the answer is one of the correct ones available, then that family gets a point. If they answer wrong, they get a strike, and the opposing family gets a turn.

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