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80s Popular Memories

by Mackenzie

The 80s was a decade full of color and joy. Trends such as neon colors, blazers and platforms were in style. It was a decade that is recognized for iconic movies such as “The Breakfast Club” or “Back To The Future”.

School was an important part of the 80s, because that’s where teens learned how to wear their favorite clothes. Aside from clothes, some items were also staples not just to have in your house, but to bring to school as well! If you went without them, you’d instantly be considered uncool.

Here are some of the popular 80s items that brings back nostalgia:

Sega Genesis Consoles

The first video game consoles were released in the 80s, and it was one of the most popular gaming systems. The Sega Genesis console was designed for two players to play at the same time.

This console was released with many games like “Sonic the Hedgehog”, which is still considered one of the best games ever made. Alongside Nintendo, it became one of the leading forces of the console gaming industry in the 1980s.

Polly Pockets

Polly Pockets referred to the pocket-sized toys that many teen girls had in the 1980s. Girls would need to collect each item in the Polly Pockets collection until they had a full set.

It was a big hit in the 1980s, and many parents would find themselves getting a headache as their kids would keep asking for money to buy the newest Polly Pocket toy.

80s Popular Memories

VHS Tapes

VHS tapes were very popular in the 1980s because they were able to record movies, as well as play games and music videos on any TV with a VHS player.

Boom Boxes

Boom boxes are also a staple of the 80s. The boom box was a device that you could plug in and play your favorite music or songs on it. It was an essential item for teens to have because it helped them in their daily lives to listen to their favorite music.

The boomboxes of the 80s were known for being huge in size. Even so, this didn’t deter many of its audience. It’s an iconic trope of the 1980s to see people lugging huge boomboxes on their shoulders as they walk down the street.

Pokemon Trading Cards

The Pokemon trading cards became a huge hit in the 90s, but they were also very popular in the 80s. They were an essential item for all of your childhood dreams to become reality.

The Pokemon cards were quite a common thing that many kids collected as well as played with. The cards themselves were quite expensive, and you would have to spend hours of time just trying to collect enough to achieve your big dream: To become a Pokemon master!

There were so many classic movies released in this decade that people still watch them today on VHS tapes. This is even if they are widely known enough to be easily found online!

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