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80s The Green Machine

by Mackenzie

For those of you who are old enough to remember the 80s, the Marx Toys green machines are a big part of your childhood memories. They were very popular in their time and they have since become retro toys that have stood the test of time. This article will describe what makes these toys so special.

Marx Toys

Marx Toys are an American toy company that has produced toys since the 1930s. They are known for their construction toys and cars. The company was founded by brothers Leo and Sam Marx in 1935 in New York City. Today, it is still owned by the Marx family and it makes about 200 million dollars a year. Around 60% of its sales come from overseas. It currently sells construction sets, vehicles, dolls and trains that are sold through specialty stores like Toys R Us and specialty retailers like Wal-Mart to name a few. The company also develops new products for children including educational toys for preschoolers up to elementary school age.

The Green Machine

The green machines were introduced in 1974 with this very simple design: A box with plastic wheels on the base. When you pull the lever up, a motor starts turning and the wheels spin around. This design has remained unchanged through the years and is still being manufactured in North America by Marx Toys today. There are two different versions of this toy: The original green machines (1974-1983) and the second version (1984-1999). These toys were considered to be dangerous until 1979 when they underwent testing. They had been marked as hazardous due to loose screws, but proved safe after testing showed that this was not true.

How They Work

Marx Toys produce a series of construction kits for children called “green machines” that are sold all over the world from stores like Wal-Mart to specialty retailers like Toys R Us. These kits are made of a plastic base and have a series of gears attached to it. The wheels are connected to the gears through levers that are pulled up or down by the child. These motors can spin the wheels around and move them in different directions without causing any harm. However, if a child tries to stop spinning or press the lever down too hard, they can possibly break something seriously injuring themselves or damaging their toy. If a child has trouble controlling these toys, they may also injure other children while playing with them which could get very dangerous very quickly.

Safety Concerns

The green machines were originally designed in 1974 as part of their construction sets. They were only made for children 6 years of age or older and required adult supervision whenever they were being played with by children under this age group. These toys continue to be sold today for children between 2 and 12 years of age, which means that all kids under this age group should be supervised when playing with one of these toys. However, since these toys have remained unchanged for a very long time, the design has not changed, and the parts are still made of plastic which is considered to be hazardous. Therefore, this toy should be handled carefully by children under 5 years old because they may be able to choke on small objects that can come loose from within the toy.

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