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Ringo Starr’s Unique Left Eyebrow

by Mackenzie

What’s the story behind Ringo’s left eyebrows?

Ringo Starr’s left eyebrow is notably unique. It’s noticeably higher than the right eyebrow, and it curves slightly inward. This eyebrow shape is likely the result of a childhood accident, as Starr reportedly suffered a scar on his left eyebrow after he was hit in the face with a soccer ball. Starr has worn his left eyebrow higher on his forehead than his right eyebrow throughout his career, and it’s likely that this eyebrow shape is what has helped him maintain a distinctive look. Some fans have even referred to Starr’s left eyebrow as the “eyebrow of Doom,” as it has often been used to comic effect on stage and in film.

What were George Harrison’s last words to Ringo Starr?

George Harrison died on September 27, 1969, at the age of 61, but hundreds of people have written and filmed tributes to him and even made a documentary about him. Here are a few of those tributes. Starr recounted the last thing George Harrison told him while he was dying, in a documentary that was made about his life. It is a fascinating insight into how Harrison was and what he meant.

When George was dying, he was in Switzerland, says Ringo, who now has a wet eye and has a frown on his face. When George walked into his room to see him,  I said, ‘I want me to go with you!’ Harrison was sick. He couldn’t even leave his bed. George was very sick and couldn’t even lie down. When Ringo went to see him, he said “I’ve got to go to Boston. When I arrived in Boston, I thought about my daughter who had a brain tumor.”

“I told him that I was going to Boston, and he went with me.” It was the very last thing that he said. It was ridiculous that George Harrison was able to get up from his bed and go to see his friend, but he would have done anything for his friend.

Why did Ringo have white hair?

Ringo told stories about what his life was like when he was very young, and showed some pictures of him playing with a drum kit.

When Conan asked Ringo about the dark streak that he noticed on the side of his head in some of his earliest photos, he said that he had alopecia at age 18. Ringo told the talk show that doctors had told him that his hair would one day grow out of his head or it would disappear entirely. Gray hair on Ringo’s head started growing out at the age of 18, and it started growing out after he became a Beatle.

Ringo Starr’s Unique Left Eyebrow

What were John Lennon’s last words to Paul McCartney?

John continued to criticize his bandmates when they issued their first solo album in December 1970, which only made matters worse. John and Paul agreed to end their disagreement before it was too late; John told Paul what he had been thinking just days before his death.

John told Paul many years ago: “I’m just trying to remind you to take a moment to think of me every now and then, old friend. When his wife, Linda, heard this, she said that I’m just trying to remind you that you can think of me every now and then.” Paul’s last words to his friend were heart-breaking, given what would happen to him.

John told Paul when he met him for Ultimate Classic Rock that You should think about me now and then, dear friend.

His last words are recorded in a song that Carl Perkins wrote about Paul and his bandmates. The song was written by Carl shortly before Paul’s death, when Perkins had met Paul. Think about me every now and then, an old friend, which he had said in a concert, made Paul weep in the room.

Was Ringo an underrated drummer during his time?

Ringo Starr was truly great, but when it came to drumming, he was way too great to be really great.

There are few drummers in all of history that have been praised more for being part of a big band than Sir Richard Starkey. Starr has been given more smacking over the years than any other well-known drummer in music history.

What most people don’t understand is that great bands with an okay drummer are great; bands with a great drummer are very good. Starr produced some of the greatest drum music of all time.

Starr was never a maniac who tried to force people to do crazy things with his drum kit, like Keith Moon or John Bonham were. Starr was actually MORE talented than his peers because he remained a completely composed, calm, and logical person. When they worked on their arrangements, they primarily focused on the song. Starr subordinates himself by being able to create a drum pattern that would compliment and enhance any given song.

Not many drummers have done as much work as Ringo Starr. There’s a lot of music that can be easily recognized by simply hearing one of Ringo Starr’s drum tracks played alone. Some songs that he played were extremely memorable, such as “I Can’t Keep Calm”, ” I Can Only Keep Watching You “, and many songs that appeared on their later psychedelic albums, ” Sgt. Pepper’s Lonesome Hearts Club Band and Their Magical Mystery Tour.

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