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Robert Z’Dar Chin Condition of a Movie Icon

by Mackenzie

Robert Z’Dar Chin Condition of a Movie Icon

Who is the Guy with the Big Chin in Tango and Cash?

The famous big chin guy in Tango and Cash is Robert Z’Dar. He was born Robert James Zdarsky on June 3, 1950 in Chicago, Illinois. He caught the acting bug while attending Proviso West High School in Hillside. He got his BFA from Arizona State University.

Before becoming an actor, he was the lead singer/keyboardist/guitarist for the Chicago-based rock band Nova Express, and opened for groups such as Jefferson Airplane, The Who, and The Electric Prunes. Other of his early work was Leo Burnett and his J.

There was even a brief stint as an advertising agency Walter Thompson, a Chicago police officer, and a Chippendale dancer.

Tall, muscular, and imposing, with a huge face, huge jaws, and a massive, muscular build, the 6 ‘2-inch giant Z’Dar is a powerful, aggressive, and intimidating screen presence. It gave off a feeling and was ideal for a steady succession of averages, averages.

Z’Dar made his film debut in the mid-1980s and earned himself vengeful, most enduring cult film fame. The vengeful, seemingly immortal undead New Yorker Cop Matt Cordell in a very funny Maniac Cop photo.

A popular and frequent guest at horror film conventions, his Z’Dar made several films and appeared in many feature films until he died of cardiac arrest on March 30, 2015 at the age of 64.

Who is Robert Z’Dar?

Robert Z’Dar was born Robert James Zdarsky on June 3, 1950 in Chicago and was raised there. Z’Dar learned acting early on through school plays, but it was by no means the first path he took.

Before becoming a professional actor, Z’Dar played in a Chicago-based rock band called Nova Express. The group enjoyed some success, opening for big rock acts such as The Who and Jefferson Airplane.

After their rock and roll dreams ended, Z’Dar tried out different careers. He served as a police officer in Chicago, wrote radio jingles for many advertising agencies, and is said to have spent some time as an exotic dancer at Chippendales.

Robert Z’Dar Chin Condition of a Movie Icon

What Condition Does Robert Z’Dar Have?

You may not immediately recognize Robert Z’Dar’s name, but you will almost certainly recognize his chin. Zdar, best known for his series Maniac of Horror as the lead character in His Cop and as the villain in Tango & Cash, has given new meaning to the word ‘angular’.

Robert J. Zdarski was born with a rare congenital disorder called cherubism that gave him an enlarged jawline and a slightly menacing look.

Zdar’s features were so distinctive that one might think they were just cosmetics. In fact, Z’Dar’s oversized jaws are the result of a rare genetic disorder, cherubism, which enlarges the lower and upper jaws as bone is replaced with fibrous tissue.

This condition is painless, but the jaw and cheeks may appear swollen. While some see this condition as an obstacle to an acting career, Robert Z’Dar has been able to capitalize on its striking looks to play big-screen heroes in a variety of his B-movies.

He began acting professionally in 1984 and eventually appeared in 121 films, including Maniac He Cop in his franchise Officer He Matt He In addition to playing Cordell, Zdar has worked with Sylvester Stallone. Kurt He played the memorable henchman Faith in Russell’s prison action film Tango & Cash. The actor also appeared in the 1991 gangster film Mobsters, starring Christian Slater and Patrick Dempsey.

What Movies Does Robert Z’Dar Starred In?

Z’Dar made his first movie appearance in 1985, credited as Robert Darcy. The movie in question, Hellhole, became a girls in jail exploitation film which solidified the actor as a sadistic jail shield, gambling on his enforcing looks.

Due to his cherubism, Z’Dar’s jaw persisted to develop at some point of his life. Rather than preserve him back, the disease most effective made Z’Dar stand out extra to casting directors. Following Hellhole, extra heavy roles followed, along with a chunk component as a safety shield in TV’s Moonlighting.

Z’Dar’s flip as a brutish serial killer in 1987 mystery The Night Stalker stuck the eye of director William Lustig, who idea the actor could be perfect for the pivotal position of Officer Matt Cordell, the residing lifeless police officer on a killing spree in 1988 action-horror crossover Maniac Cop.

Prosthetic makeup effects were used to accentuate Z’Dar’s already menacing face, but the special effect was Z’Dar himself. , said he did everything except the fire stunt.

Maniac in his cop, along with cult horror stars Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead series) and Tom Atkins (Halloween III, Night of the Creeps) he cast Z’Dar. But alongside Z’Dar, neither Campbell nor his Atkins stood a chance in the battle over a prominent jawline.

Although Maniac Cop became the film that brought him recognition, it was actually just one of seven films in which Zdar appeared in 1988. Although his stock in the film industry skyrocketed, the majority of his roles were in relatively low-budget independent productions.

Until he was cast alongside superstars Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell in the 1989 buddy cop film Tango & Cash.

Playing a villainous henchman named Faith (not that the character is likely to be confused with his A-Team Dark his Benedict), Z’Dar is a confident fit for Tango & Cash, clearly defined by the strength of the larger-than-life looks.

Is Robert Z’Dar Still Alive?

Z’Dar continued to work steadily after 2000, but his career was ultimately hampered by health problems. The actor announced in 2012 that plans for his fourth maniacal cop movie had been canceled because he “cannot do the same stunts he was able to do before”.

Working on a very physical film for many years has taken its toll on Z’Dar. He has two metal hips and he said he would be given metal shoulders.” He admitted to becoming a “functional alcoholic” before his heartbreak.

To make matters worse, Z’Dar became seriously ill with cancer of his throat, the treatment of which made his speech hoarse in later years.

In fact, Z’Dar kept working until the end. Before his death, he had amassed his 121 film credits, some of which were released posthumously, at a fan-his convention in Pensacola, Florida, in 2015. On admission, he was admitted with severe chest pain.

After a month in the hospital, Z’Dar died of cardiac arrest on March 30, 2015.

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