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What’s the Value of Your Beanie Babies?

by Kathy

How do I find out what my Beanie Babies are worth?

The value of Beanie Babies is difficult to determine, as prices for some rare items have surged in recent years. Some experts have estimated that a complete set of all 151 Beanie Babies, which includes original versions and later “limited edition” versions, could be worth as much as $30,000. Others suggest that the real value of a Beanie Baby lies not in the toy itself, but in the memories it can create for children.

If you want to find out the approximate value of your Beanie Babies, you can try to auction them off on websites like eBay or Craigslist, or sell them to collectors. Beanie Babies are a classic toy and they will continue to be popular for years to come.

Which are the most popular beanies?

The most popular and most valuable Beanie Babies are those that are no longer being produced, such as the “Princess” bear. Ty’s Queen Bear, also known as the Princess Bear, is the most valuable single-beanie baby ever produced. Princess Bears, also called Princess Diana Bears, were issued in 1997. They are very expensive.

Bears of the Princess are blue with a deep red accent, and have a beautiful, long, ribbon around the top. But it was uncommon for a Princess to be released in 1997. Only a dozen bears were ever made of this rare fabric. Ty Beanie Baby Princess Bears are very rare, and many collectors are willing to spend millions to get the very best of each bear. The $600,000 price tags only apply to the rare, first pressing of the Princess Bear. However, some rare bears that have never been produced will be worth as much as $500,000 if they are in mint condition. Even if you find one of the 200 special bears, it will cost you $50,000.

How to Value Beanie Babies?

The most valuable toys are those that have the most valuable stuffing.

  • Tag – The unique, heart-patterned hang tag and tush tag make all the difference. It helps to know the generation of your toy and if a tag is broken or damaged it will affect its value.
  • Hang Tag – This is the tag that sticks out from the bottom of a toy. It has a heart-like design with a tiny photo of Ty Inc. On it. If the hang tag is missing or damaged, your baby will be worth nothing. Those who played a lot with their Beanie Babies in the 90s will have some tags that are damaged or missing.
  • Tush Tag – A tush tag is a small tag that is usually attached to the inside of a teddy bear. You want your beanies to have the tush tag and hang tag that both say the exact same thing. If a toy is missing a tag, the value is probably more.
  • Originally, Beanies were filled with small plastic pellets that you could throw in your toy box if you wanted to, but Ty Inc. Beanies made from recycled plastic pellets are less rare and may be valuable. You want to know what stuffing each one of the toys has inside.

What’s the Value of Your Beanie Babies?

Are Beanie Babies actually worth anything?

Somehow, tiny plastic toys that were filled with tiny little dolls became more expensive than precious stones.

People jumped at the chance to purchase the cheap-looking Ty toys, hoping they’d someday be worth something. Sometimes, fraudsters made fake Beanie Babies and sold them for thousands of dollars. Because people love the little plush toys, they bought them like eBay bought gold and diamonds. At one time, one in 10 sales were for those tiny dolls.

In 1999, the Beanie Baby market was destroyed, literally. But there are still some great Beanie Babies out there. Some people say that the Beanie Baby bubble bursts suddenly, and all the stuffed animals are worth nothing. Beanie Babies are no longer valuable. But is it really that rare? Yes, there is a market for Beanie Babies. Some rare beanies have become very valuable. The rare toys are very valuable. They may even be able to fetch thousands of dollars.

These Beanie Babies are among the rarest and most expensive that people sell on eBay today.

What Beanie Babies are worth saving?

You definitely live in the ’90s if you have a tote filled with Ty Beanie Babies in your house. We were told as kids that some day, our little bears would be worth a very tiny fortune. Ty sold protective tags that you could put on your tiny cash cows to prevent them from becoming unattractive during their lifetime.

Ty Bears are often combined with other Ty Bears to create a huge collection. If you can find a large-sized Wallace and three other Wallace teddy bears, your collection could be valued at as high as $60,000.

Even with the tags, collecting these Toys may not pay you a small fortune, but a few BBs will pay you a lot for their collectibles. Watch out, because we’ve got your top ten list of most desirable Ty Beanie Babies!

Wallace is extremely rare and is sometimes paired with other very rare bears, like Cashew and Huggy.

Some Beanie Babies are even valuable if you pair them with other toys in a collection. One of these is a Big Wallace Ty, who comes with two other regular-size Wallaces, plus his buddies Cashew and Huggy.

Big, brown Wallace Bears are extremely rare; if you can get one of those bears with the rest of the group, you will probably get up to $600,000.

Where is the best place to sell your Beanie Babies?

If you want to sell your Beanie Babies quickly and for some cash, selling them on marketplaces like eBay is your best bet.

Online marketplace sites allow you to trade with collectors from all over the world who are keen to add to their collections.

So, unless you plan to buy a lot of Beanie Babies and are willing to do some negotiating, selling them on one of the following marketplaces is the easiest way to do that; eBay, PlushCollector, Etsy, Sell2BBNovelties, Sell4Value and Mercari.

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