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iPhone Wallpapers To Help You Re-Live The 80s

by Mackenzie

The 1980s was a decade rich with cultural diversity. The first wave of the baby boomers had reached their twenties and were coming into their own as young adults. The music, fashion, and television shows during the decade reflected this new age of youth.

Culture in the 1980s was heavily influenced by the political ideologies of the time, such as Reaganomics and Thatcherism. The politics of the 1980s were conservative, which is reflected in many aspects of popular culture during this time period. However, there were still many countercultures that came out during this time that are still relevant today.

Popular Culture in the 80s was defined by variety; there were so many genres to choose from when it came to music, television shows and movies. The decade also saw a rise in media technology as well as great advances in video games and toys. It was an exciting time for people who liked to have fun!

The 80s was an awesome decade. It was filled with great music and awesome fashion. Women had big hair, bright colors, and crazy outfits. Men also had big hair and wore shirts with big collars. I am not even going to talk about the music because everyone knows that the 80s was the best decade for music.

The 1980s was known for the rise of many famous stars. Madonna was undoubtedly one of the most well-known celebrities of the decade. She was the first female star to represent a brand, and she sold millions of records.

The 1980s also saw the rise of iconic groups, such as New Kids on the Block, The Bangles, and Michael Jackson’s “Bad” album. Many musicians from this time period were known for their unique sounds that made them stand out from other artists of their time.

One of the most defining aspects of popular culture during this decade was its style and fashion trends. Fashion in the 1980s was not very similar to the fashion of today. It was colorful, bold, and fun. Women were wearing mini skirts and boots with big hair. Men were wearing skinny ties and suits with a lot of color.

The best way to relive that decade is with a wallpaper on your iPhone to remind you of all the great things that happened in it. If you feel nostalgic, then this article is for you.

In this article, I will show you 80s wallpaper ideas that will help you to relive the 80s. After reading this article, I am sure you will be able to find a wallpaper for your iPhone. So let’s begin.

Wallpaper ideas to recreate the 80s on your iPhone:

Space Invaders:

This is the first one of the 80s wallpaper ideas we are going to look at. If you are a retro gaming fan, then this is your wallpaper. It will remind you of how you used to play Space Invaders when you were a kid.

Happy Guy:

This is a cool one. It is a picture of a really happy guy with big hair and colorful clothes. This is an awesome 80s wallpaper for your iPhone.

80s Squares:

This wallpaper will also bring back memories of the 80s. It is an image of squares that remind you of the times when you used to play games on your computer in the 80s. This is a great wallpaper that will give you flashbacks of your childhood days.

Big Hair:

This is another retro wallpaper for your iPhone. If you are a fan of the 80s, then this wallpaper is for you. It has a picture of a woman with big hair. You definitely cannot miss this one.


If you are a fan of Madonna, then this is the 80s wallpaper for you. This wallpaper has a picture of Madonna in her 80s attire. If you love 80s Madonna, then do not miss this one.

Michael Jackson:

This is another classic 80s wallpaper for your iPhone that reminds you of Micheal Jackson’s Thriller and Smooth Criminal videos from the 80s.

John F Kennedy:

This is an awesome 80s wallpaper that will remind you of the time when JFK was the president of the United States and he was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. This is a cool wallpaper that will remind you of history lessons and school days in the 80s.

Batman and Robin:

This is a vintage 80s wallpaper that shows Batman and Robin in their full glory. This is an awesome wallpaper for your iPhone. It will remind you of the days when Batman was all over the TV and movies.


The 80s weren’t only about fun and games, but it was also about music videos or MTV as we called it back then. This wallpaper has an image of the MTV logo with some great music from the 80s playing in the background.

The Simpsons:

The 80s also had some of the best cartoons. This wallpaper has an image of the Simpson family from The Simpsons. This is a cool wallpaper for your iPhone

80s TV:

This is another classic 80s wallpaper that will remind you of how we used to watch our favorite shows back then on TV. It is an image of a TV with some of the big shows from the 80s playing on it. This is perfect for any retro TV lover.

The “I Love the 80s”:

This wallpaper is a great way to show your love for the 80s. It features some of the biggest stars from that decade, such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, and David Bowie. It is a fun way to remember what life was like in the 80s.

The ’80s Music:

This wallpaper features many different elements from popular music icons of the 1980s. It is great for fans of rock, hip-hop, pop and other genres that were popular in that decade.

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