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80s Makeup – Beauty Trends From The Past

by Kim

The 80s was the decade of big hair and heavy makeup and big hair. Women created some dramatic looks that took a powerful styling tool like the curling iron to create. From the poodle perm to the bubble perm, perms were definitely in. The 80s also introduced us to the big-eye look and false eyelash. Makeup trends included strong colors with deep lining on the eyes and deep red lips.

The 80s can be characterized by women who wore too much makeup. The look was very heavy, with lots of black liner and mascara, which were not very flattering on most women. For a more glamorous look, women would also apply fake eyelashes. The 80s marked a departure from the bright colors of the 70s to darker shades such as black, brown and burgundy. Women also wore dark nails like red or brown for an elegant look.



A lot of makeup kits were sold in this decade because women wanted to follow fashion trends and have more options when it came to applying make-up in their daily lives. The 80s was a decade when many cosmetic lines launched new products for women to use when creating glamorous looks for special occasions like New Year’s Eve or prom night. During this decade, Maybelline launched two of its most popular products: Great Lash Mascara and Colossal Volume Mascara for creating thick lashes that were all the rage during this time.

The 80s was the time of excess, and the makeup industry was no different. Many products like lipstick were available in wild colors and extreme packaging. New companies like MAC and NARS launched their brands to the public in the 80s, with their signature products being red lipstick and nail polish, respectively. Many women would also wear blue eyeliner to take part in a trend called “smokey eye”. The beauty industry made it easier for women to follow fashion trends by releasing a wide range of cosmetics that were available at different price points.

Here are the most popular makeup styles in the 1980s

Outline Eyebrows

In the 80s, make-up artists would do a thick outline around the brows that would create a strong look. This style was popular because it highlighted the eyes and made them appear bigger. Many women were also not wearing mascara at this time, so this look was an alternative to filling in sparse brows.



The Poodle Perm

In the early 80s, women would apply a chemical solution called “relaxer” to their hair before applying a plastic cap on it and wrapping their hair around a rod. After the rod was removed from the hair, women’s curls would be springy and curly. The Poodle perm is a type of perm that created large curls in women’s hair, similar to that of a poodle’s curly coat.

This look was very popular among African-American women who wanted to achieve that natural look of big, curly hair like their favorite celebrities such as Diana Ross and Stevie Wonder. To keep the curls intact throughout the day, they would use setting lotions to keep their curls soft and bouncy throughout the day.

They would also use hairspray like Aqua Net or Big Body to keep their curls intact throughout the day. They would also sulk their ends with hairspray before letting them fall down naturally.


The “Smokey Eye” Look

The smokey eye look became popular during this time because makeup companies would sell many different products to be used for this look. Women used eye shadow palettes with several colors of eye shadow in them, pencils and dark eyeliner to create the smokey eye look. During this time, women wore blue eyeliner for this look.

The goal was to create a dark color around the eyes and blend it into their skin so that their eyes were the focal point of their face. This look was known as “smokey” because the dark color around the eyes created an illusion of smoke around them.



Shimmer Shadow

To achieve more shimmering eyes, women would use an eye shadow highlighter called “illuminator” in their makeup kits during this time. Many women also used Queen Helene’s Banana Powder Blush to create a rosy glow on their cheeks and highlight their cheekbones as well.

These products were popular among young girls who wanted to emulate their favorite celebrities like Madonna and Cyndi Lauper who wore shimmering makeup during concerts or on stage performances.

Women would also use kaolin clay as a highlighter for their cheeks instead of using banana powder or illuminator because they did not want to spend extra money on makeup products that were targeted towards women in their twenties. Kaolin clay was a cheap alternative that did the job of highlighting their cheeks.


The Streak Eyeliner Look

The 80s were all about excess, and this look was no exception to that rule. Women would apply a thick line of black eyeliner on both their top and bottom lids to create a dramatic look. However, they would also apply a thick streak of black eyeliner below their eyes as well down to their chin to create an even more dramatic look.



This look was popular among young girls who wanted to look like the popular singers and actresses in the 80s such as Madonna and Cyndi Lauper who wore heavy black eyeliner on stage performances or in music videos. To complete this look, women would apply false lashes over their natural lashes for extra glamour and drama.


Fake Eyelashes

Fake eyelashes were worn by many women during this time because they were super easy to apply and made them feel glamorous just like the models they saw in magazines or on TV shows like Dynasty or Dallas.

Many young girls wanted to emulate their favorite celebrities by wearing fake eyelashes, so companies like Revlon sold fake eyelashes at affordable prices at drugstores. These lashes were not as long or as glamorous as the ones women saw in fashion magazines, but they were close enough for women who wanted to feel special on a daily basis.



Bold Red Lips

Red lipstick was in during the 80s, and many companies started selling different types of red lipstick that included other colors in them as well. Many women would apply a red lipstick with a small hint of pink or orange with it so that their lips would not look dull or lifeless.

This style was popular because it made their lips look fuller, and they could wear one color all day without having to reapply it. To make the lips appear even fuller, women would fill in their lips with a dark brown pencil before applying the red lipstick.

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