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80s Popular Headphones

by Mackenzie

In the 80s, people often wore big bulky headphones to listen to their favorite music. Headphones were considered a fashion accessory, and people wore them during important events such as sporting events, concerts and even out on the town. These headphones included a variety of types ranging from earbuds to over-the-ear headphones.

Today, however, most people use Bluetooth wireless technology so they can easily listen to music while outside or in their car without having to deal with wires getting caught on things and tangling up.

Here are some of the most popular headphones in the 1980s:

The Sony Walkman

The original Sony Walkman is considered to be one of the most iconic electronics products in history. It was originally designed as a way to listen to music on long walking trips, as the music player is fully portable.

It also came with the headphones, making it a staple to any music lover that wanted to listen to their favorite songs by their favorite artists as they go on about their days. Many leading roles in teen movies at the time were also seen sporting this item.

80s Popular Headphones

Koss PortaPro

This headphone is one of the most popular headphones in the early 80s that was originally made by Koss in 1984. It came with a variety of different models, but the PortaPro was one of their most iconic products.

The design itself is also quite stylish and can still be seen on many people today as a fashion accessory for any music lover out there. After Koss first introduced the Porta Pro headphones back in 1984, the company hasn’t tweaked much about those headphones since then. That’s also a good thing: for a long time, they’ve been one of the best and most affordable headphones that are available on the market.

Grado SR80e

The Grado SR80e is one of the most iconic headphones that was released in the 1980s. It might be difficult to find now, but back then, they were readily available on many different electronics stores and music shops across the nation.

The design itself and style of them can be described as very old-school, with a unique look including a foam padding reminiscent of 80s headphones at the time. You can still get this model today, as Grado mostly became popular through word of mouth and online forums.

Sony MDR-V6

The Sony MDR-V6 is one of the most iconic headphones that was released in the 80s. It is quite similar to other models that were released in the early 80s to 200s, although it might be difficult to find these days.

When the MDR-V6 was first introduced, specifically in 1985, it became very popular among sound engineers and DJs or disc jockeys. On the label of the headphones, it was written that they were able to have a very wide frequency response. They were also convenient for traveling, since they could be folded and carried in the leatherette bag that conveniently came with the purchase of the item.

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