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80s Popular Lipstick Colors

by Kim

Lipstick has been worn by women for centuries, and in the 80s, it was not uncommon to see women wearing subtle and subdued makeup. However, at the same time that women were using blush and lipstick to enhance their looks, they were also using much bolder colors on their lips.

Some of the most popular lipsticks during the 80s included bright reds and pinks as well as a variety of other shades. The most popular lipstick colors in the 80s were:

Cherry red

Cherry red lipsticks were one of the most popular colors in the 80s (and still are today!). They were very bright and stood out in a crowd. The color looks great on almost any skin tone, but it was especially popular with women who had light skin tones.

Many women wore cherry red lipsticks during the 80s because they complemented their outfits well and gave them an added pop of color to their outfits. Cherry lipsticks, with their bluish tones, usually fit those who had a cooler complexion.

Fuschia pink

Fuschia pink lipsticks, sometimes called magenta lipsticks, were also very popular during the 80s. They can be described as a bright orange-pink color that is often used on women of many different skin tones.

This shade of pink was usually adopted by younger women, such as school girls. The fun and slightly bold color added a nice pop to a warm complexion, which is perfect for going to the mall with your girl gang.

80s Popular Lipstick Colors


While fuschia pink lipsticks were popular during the 80s, women also wore deep purple lipsticks.

Deep purple lipsticks were rather bold and dramatic compared to most of the colors used on other women’s lips. These lip colors are perfect for those who want a pop of color that shows they know how to have fun without sacrificing a sense of maturity.

Deep purples were also extremely popular for their boldness. You can picture a sophisticated woman in a blazer suit when you think of this color.

Neon pops of color

Neon pops of color were also very popular during the 80s. These bright colors are often used to add a bit of pop to any outfit, and they were especially popular with teenagers. Neon lipsticks can be described as colorful shades that are neon yellow, neon green, or neon orange.

These colors work well when applied in low doses. The neon shades tend to look best on women who have lighter skin tones, though when worn by those with a darker complexion, they can look particularly striking and stunning. They add a bit of fun and excitement to an otherwise subdued look for women who want to project confidence but do not want to be overbearing about it.

Sheer glosses

Sheer glosses are also still popular today and are similar to the matte lipsticks of the 80s. Many people use sheer glosses for their convenience, as they do not have to apply a layer of lipstick in order to get the desired look. You could also pepper some transparent gloss just to add a little shine to your natural lips, which creates for a kissable look while still looking makeup-free.

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