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From Brick Phones to Pocket-Sized Marvels: A Look at the 1980s Mobile Phone Revolution

by Kim

Half a century after American engineer Martin Cooper invented the mobile phone, it has become a staple for over 68% of the population. On April 3, 1973, Cooper, an engineer for Motorola, made the first call that marked a new era for humanity. Despite the phone’s weight of nearly a kilo and a 10-hour charging time for only 30 minutes of call time, the Motorola DynaTac 8000X became the world’s first commercially available mobile phone. Cooper’s revolutionary invention has transformed communication and is now used by a significant majority of the population, with an average usage of five hours per day, occupying 30% of owners’ working lives (according to the Digital Global Summary Report 2023). Ready to discover the path that the mobile revolution has taken since its inception?

From Brick Phones to Pocket-Sized Marvels

How did it all start?

On April 3rd, 50 years ago, Martin Cooper reached out to Joel Engel, a competitor’s researcher, making history by placing the first mobile phone call. Cooper boldly stated, “Joel, I’m calling you from a real mobile phone.” The response he received was silence, an unexpected prelude to the revolutionary functionalities that future cell phones would possess.

In an interview with EFE, the inventor recalled this moment, admitting that he did not anticipate the incorporation of digital cameras or internet capabilities in these devices. However, Cooper did have the foresight to predict that mobile phones would become an essential part of everyone’s lives.

Fast forward half a century, mobile phones have transformed into sophisticated smartphones, more powerful than ever and akin to fully functional computers. The market now offers a wide range of options, from foldable to non-foldable, extendable, lightweight, or heavyweight devices. A staggering 92.3% of mobile phones now provide internet access.

The impact of Cooper’s invention on the world cannot be overstated. Now people from all over the world can unite and it’s really impressive.

The Smartphone Revolution

Smartphones, introduced in the late 2000s, brought forth a new era of mobile phone technology. They did what was considered impossible just a few years ago. They went beyond simple telephony and for the first time could be called truly multifunctional. The ability to access the world’s information through such a small device could not go unnoticed.

A key distinguishing feature of smartphones was their ability to connect to the internet. Users could effortlessly browse websites, check emails, and access social media platforms. Staying connected became easier than ever.

Smartphones have changed what we call personal productivity. If earlier you needed a whole bag with notepads, calendars, navigation systems, now all this is inside just one phone. Almost all everyday tasks can be automated and managed through the lens of a mobile phone.

What now?

The invention has been a profound revolution that has significantly impacted our lives, surpassing even the impact of the landline telephone. While it took nearly 65 years for the conventional telephone to reach 100 million users, the mobile phone achieved over 6 billion users in less than 50 years.

Additionally, average usage has also seen growth, with an average of seven more minutes spent on mobile phones in 2022 compared to 2021. The increase in reliance on smartphones has also had another negative effect – constant attempts to break into our devices. Right now, only a VPN on an iPhone can protect regular users from surveillance. It’s perfectly reasonable to set up a VPN on your iPhone and always use it. With VeePN, you can fool those who are trying to follow you and bypass various regional restrictions.

The usage of mobile phones continues to grow each year, with a global digital summary report projecting that 5.44 billion people currently have access to one. In the past year alone, there has been a 3% increase in mobile users, with 168 million new users joining in the last 12 months.


You must remember that mobile phones are just a tool. If you manage them well enough, then your smartphone will become an indispensable assistant. Otherwise, the smartphone can be used against you. VPN is one of the most reliable protection tools, although it alone cannot protect against everything. You should develop the skills to use smartphones, then you can fully appreciate the benefits of this revolution.

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