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80s Popular Mexican Songs

by Mackenzie

The 1980s saw a lot of trends come and go in the music industry. Pop stars like Whitney Houston and Madonna commanded the stages across America, as well as more alternative sounds, such as hair bands and glam rock along the likes of Bon Jovi and Def Leppard.

The 1980s saw big changes in Mexico’s music industry as well. During this decade, there was an increase in the number of artists who sang popular music, especially on radio stations. It was not unusual to find one or two radio stations playing only one genre of popular music at a time. Here are some of the popular Mexican songs from the 80s:

“La Chica De Humo” by Emmanuel

In 1988, the singer Emmanuel from Mexico released this song. It has a story about a guy who wants to get with a girl whom he happens to see everywhere. But when he tries to touch her, the girl disappears like steam. He is obsessed with her, but never manages to talk to her.

When this song was released in Spanish, people played it when they were hanging out with friends, when drinking, and when going to social events. A lot of people who liked Emmanuel’s music were also finding him attractive. A lot of people wanted to listen to his songs and enjoy them with their friends.

80s Popular Mexican Songs

“La Bamba” by Los Lobos

In 1987, they released a biographical movie about Ritchie Valens. The band Los Lobos were one of the musicians chosen for the soundtrack.

The director decided that he would record new music to go with the movie, instead of using Valens’ own recordings. They performed the title track “La Bamba”, which became an instant worldwide success. In the United States, the song topped all the charts, and also topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song of this group also reached the top of the charts in other countries such as France, Australia, France, and New Zealand.

“La Jaula de Oro” by Los Tigres del Norte

Los Tigres del Norte were a distinguished Mexican band of the 80s, and they churned out many popular hits loved by the audience at the time and even until now. Their single “La Jaula de Oro” inspired a heart-wrenching fear in its listeners.

Listeners are made afraid that the children of the narrator have abandoned the inheritance of their father’s native Mexican country, because they feel ashamed. It’s a great song that represents the sort of cultural diaspora that many Mexicans who lived in the US felt.

“Soy un Desastre” by Timbiriche

This song was written by the Mexican band Timbiriche back in the 80s. You hear a man sing about his life becoming a mess because the girl he loves is no longer with him. The guy’s house is a mess, full of dirty dishes and missing items. Everything about his life is going haywire.

When you listen to this song, you will remember how unforgettable it feels to listen to it for the first time. Throughout the 80s, people sang it at social events, at Timbiriche’s concerts, and while they were hanging out with friends. The members of that band were extremely popular at that time, and almost everyone knew the words to their songs.

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