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80s Christmas Songs

by Kim

It’s Christmas time and most people are in their right mind, but one guy just won’t get the hint. Well, that’s a shame because you know what really makes this season great? 80s Christmas songs! It would be a crime if we didn’t get at least one good 80s Christmas song today, so without further ado we present to you a list of the best 80s christmas songs!

All I Want for Christmas is You (Cyndi Lauper)

This song has become a holiday staple, but it’s not just because people love it. It’s also a great song in general, and the reason it is listed as a favorite is because of how well she sings the chorus. The beat and melody fit perfectly into each other, and there are plenty of amusing moments that go along with it as well.

The Time Warp (The Rocky Horror Picture Show)

This song is about as 80s as it gets. You’ve got the dancing, the hair gel and the normal everyday shenanigans we all did back in those days. The music video is also very fun to watch and it has some very funny moments to make it even better.

Do They Know It’s Christmas? (Band Aid)

Stop what you’re doing and listen to this song right now. You’ve never heard it before, but it is very good! This song was released as part of a charity single to help those in the UK who had received nothing on Christmas Day. The band members wrote their own songs, the proceeds went directly to support the charity and the whole thing raised over $40 million dollars for starving people in Africa. The music video is also very entertaining and has some fun memories attached to it like that time Michael Jackson taught us all how we should dance with this song playing at the same time.

Makin’ Whoopee (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

This song is simply amazing, it has an upbeat sound to it and many people know the famous line “It’s just a little rum and raisin’. A little slivovitz. A little lime juice. Oh, we’re just makin’ whoopee”. It brings back a lot of memories of high school parties in mind and gets you to sing along to this song for anyone who hasn’t heard it before. The music video is also very fun to watch and has some good moments like when Tori Spelling gets on stage with the rest of them.

Jingle Bell Rock (Holiday Inn Soundtrack)

This song was originally called Jingle Bells, but they decided to change it because they thought it would sound better when they sang along in the chorus. The song is very fun and is also a very happy sounding song with a lot of happy sounds. It was also featured on the Holiday Inn soundtrack, so you know it’s good! You can’t think of a better Christmas song than this one even though you have heard several others that could have made this list, but there are no other songs that top Jingle Bell Rock.

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