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80s Jewelry- Bold Trends From The Past

by Kathy

The fashion of the 1980s was something new and different. It was a time of change, technology, and pop culture. The music of the 1980s was an explosion of new styles. From heavy metal to glam to punk rock, the music made some unexpected trends in fashion.

Jewelry was not exempt from these trends. Fashion jewelry was no longer just for special occasions. It was worn daily by women and girls of all ages.

Jewelry is a wonderful way to show your love for someone. The 80s was a fun era, and if you were lucky enough to be a teenager back then, it was an awesome time! The 80s was all about earrings, bracelets and necklaces. You would be hard-pressed to find a teenage girl in the 80s that didn’t have ten pounds of jewelry on her!


The 80s were also famous for their fabulous fads. One of them was the mood ring. Did you ever have one? They were supposed to change color according to your mood. If you don’t remember this fad from the 80s, then chances are good that you might not remember how popular this fad was in the eighties! There is no better way to show off your love for the 80s than an 80s mood ring necklace!

The jewelry of this decade was very unique and very flashy! Some of it even had rhinestones or some other type of sparkle incorporated into the design. When you wear it today, people will think that it is brand new because it is so shiny and pretty!

The styles and trends of the 1980s are here to stay, even if the decade is not. The fashion industry is still in the throws of bringing back chokers, chandelier earrings, and big hair. Retro style jewelry is also still being made today for women who want to add a bit of that 1980s flare to their daily outfits.

This article will help you learn about some of the most popular fashion trends in the 80s:


Hair Jewelry

Hair jewelry was an 80s fashion statement that women used to show off their fun personalities. Women used hair extensions, barrettes, headbands, scrunchies, and combs to add accessories to their hair styles. These accessories could include buttons or even a scarf tied into a bow. It was another way for women to express themselves through their personal style. There were many different ways for women to wear hair jewelry.




Chokers were so popular in the 80s that some of them are still being sold today. Chokers are a necklace that fastens around the neck and sits just below the chin. These chokers were worn by everyone from young girls to adults. They were usually made out of leather, lace, or cotton string. They could even be silky and made out of a material that would match the outfit that you were wearing.


Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier earrings were another popular style in the 80s. The name describes these earrings perfectly. They hang down from the earlobe like a chandelier of diamonds or pearls. These earrings were usually very long, with many different beads hanging from them. They could also be worn in multiples to create a choker-like look around the neckline of your outfit.




Another popular trend that carried over from the 70s to the 80s was large chunky bracelets which were made out of several designs such as bangles, rope bracelets, etc. They were often worn stacked together to make a statement or paired with a watch on top of them for a more modern look. Other bracelet styles included leather cuffs, designer cuffs with charms on them, and various other styles that combined silver and gold metals together.

Women could get bracelets that matched their outfits, or they could wear a bracelet that was as bold and bright as they wanted. Bracelets could be made out of leather, metal, or even plastic. They were worn by both young girls and adults.



The monochromatic look was very popular in the 80s, as well as the big chunky jewelry. The jewelry was usually made of gold or silver and featured a lot of gemstones and beads. Often they would be layered with different types of chains and pendants. The most popular chains were the choker style necklace, and the lariat necklace which also became a trend in the 90s. Also popular were tassel necklaces, which often had a very large tassel at the end. These were often worn by men and women alike.



Bridal Jewelry

This trend was very popular in wedding jewelry, especially when it came to the bridal gown itself. The dresses were often made of lace and featured large shoulder pads which required equally large shoulder-length chandelier type earrings to balance out the look. This trend continued into the next decade when it became popular to wear a white dress and lots of diamonds on your wedding day.

Big chunky statement necklaces were very common, as well as long chokers with charms on them. Lariat style necklaces were also very popular for bridal wear, and there was often some sort of tassel hanging from the bottom. Wedding earrings could be dangle style drop earrings, or large hoop style earrings in gold or silver.


Necklaces for Men

While the trend was very popular for women, men also had their place in the 80s jewelry trends. Men’s jewelry was often made of gold chains and pendants, and like women, they wore them layered with other chains and pendants. A popular trend was to wear a gold chain around the neck with a large religious cross hanging from it. This look was usually paired with a black t-shirt and jeans or leather pants for a more modern look.



Men’s Rings and Cufflinks

Another trend that carried over from the 70s was big bold rings for men. The rings were often made out of silver or gold with a lot of gems and beads on them to make it look like an armful of jewelry. Large cufflinks were popular, and usually matched the ring or watch that a man was wearing at the time. Other styles included bracelets for men that didn’t match anything else that he was wearing, long chains that could drape over his shirt sleeve but still look good, as well as thick leather cuffs or bands around their wrists which would often be plain silver or gold.

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