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80s Kroq Music

by Kim

Kroq-FM is a radio station in Los Angeles that plays rock and new wave music. The station was first established in 1967 as “Boss Radio”, which played rock music. In the 70’s, it changed its name to “K-100” and began to play a wide variety of music, from rock to electronic music. In the 80’s, the station became “KROQ-FM” and continued playing a variety of different genres, with its main focus on rock music. In 1991, the station underwent yet another name change to “The Kroq-100”. This time around, it stuck with its current format of playing only rock music for many years until 2003 when it went under yet another name change to simply “The Kroq” (with no number in front of it). This has been the radio station’s format since then and continues to play today.

In the 1980s, the station had a very distinctive sound. The station played several hit songs that were quite popular during the decade including The Cars’ “Hello Again”, Fleetwood Mac’s “Little Lies”, AC/DC’s “Shake Your Foundations”, and Huey Lewis & the News’ “Heart of Rock and Roll”. In addition, it played several new wave songs and rock ballads that were popular during the decade.

The Kroq-FM Sound

Kroq-FM was a very good sounding radio station in the 1980s. It had no jingles and no commercials, so it could just play music all day long and not be interrupted by anything else. It played many hit songs from the 80s on a regular basis such as The Cars, The Cure, Huey Lewis & the News, Billy Idol, Billy Squier and Journey. People also enjoyed listening to a lot of newer rock artists that I did not hear on other stations such as Loverboy,, Duran Duran (who later became famous in the 90s) and Bon Jovi (who later became famous in the 1990s).

Advertisements on The Kroq-FM

Kroq-FM had no commercials, so it was just a regular radio station that played music all day long. It did have programming every once in a while with station IDs (identification) and featured songs. In addition, it had a calendar of upcoming events and contests that listeners could win tickets to.

Why was Kroq-FM popular in the 1980s

Kroq-FM had a wide variety of rock music that was popular during the 1980s, which made the station very appealing to listeners. The station played many different hits from different rock bands such as The Cars, Fleetwood Mac, AC/DC, and Huey Lewis & the News. It also played several new wave songs and rock ballads that were popular at the time, which gave listeners a wide range of options when listening to it.

The Best Song on The Kroq-FM

The best song on the radio during the 1980s was “Hello Again” by The Cars. It was first released in 1984 and hit #1 on the Billboard charts for several weeks. For most people, this song brings back memories as it was a great song for people to listen to in their room while reading the newspaper.

Best Music played on Kroq-FM in the 1980s:

1. The Cars: “Hello Again”

Hello Again was released as a single in July 1984. The song is the title track from their album of the same name. It is about a man who had been in love with a woman for five years, but never got up the courage to tell her how he felt. Suddenly, he finally has the opportunity to tell her how he feels, and he rushes over to her house only to find out that she is married and has three children. He realizes that his chance has passed him by and goes home, depressed. The song was nominated for Song of the Year at the 1985 Grammy Awards.

2. Fleetwood Mac: “Little Lies”

Released as a single in October 1987, this song was part of the group’s album “Tango In The Night” which was released in April 1987. The song is about a man who finds out that his wife has been having an affair with another man that she works with. He confronts her about it and tells her that she needs to choose between him or this other man she is seeing. She chooses him and they decide to continue on together as husband and wife after all, despite what happened between them previously. It reached #2 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

3. AC/DC: “Shake Your Foundations”

This song was released in July 1986. It was the second single from the group’s album “Fly On The Wall”, which was released earlier that year. The song is about a man who is very much in love with a woman, but she does not return his feelings for her. She continues to reject him and he eventually gets tired of it after he has tried so many times to win her over. He then tells her that she will be sorry when he leaves her for good and that she will just have to deal with it, no matter how hard it is for her to take at the moment. This song reached #48 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart and #19 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock chart.

4. Huey Lewis & the News: “Heart Of Rock & Roll”

Released as a single in June 1986, this song is about a man who realizes that he has been living his life wrong up until now and realizes something that has been making him unhappy for quite some time now: he feels as though there is no longer any rock music left in him. He decides to change his life around and become the person he wants to be and to do the things that he’s always wanted to do, even if it means that he has to give up some of his old habits. The song peaked at #8 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart and #4 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock chart.

5. The Go-Go’s: “We Got the Beat”

This song was released as a single in September 1981, with their album of the same name being released just a few weeks prior to it. The song was written by lead singer Belinda Carlisle. It was the band’s first single and it became their biggest hit, reaching #14 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart and #4 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock chart.

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