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Songs the Youth from the 80s Listened to When They Fell in Love

by Kathy

The music in the 1980s was on a whole other level than what people have now. The incredible range of artists was like nothing seen before or since. The sheer variety available during this time period practically begs for an examination of the different songs that young people listened to while falling in love during this unique time. Come see why people loved 80s music and the songs we listened to then and now. You’ll see why this music continues to resonate.

Why Music Resonates with Us So Deeply When We Are in Love

What is it about music that hits us so hard when we’re in love? Many explanations exist for music making a difference in our collective mindset. When we are feeling intense emotions that are difficult to process, like love, we tend to gravitate towards things that help explain our feelings in simpler terms. That way, we can process what we’re going through. That is what happens with love and music. The songs have lyrics that encapsulate and define what we’re feeling towards our partners. Knowing that someone else has already figured out the feelings of love we’re experiencing is a relief. Songs give our love an understandable form, much in the same way that an online dating service provides users with a way to reach out into the ether of the internet and find a compatible partner. People collectively desire a way to grapple with their feelings, whether by listening to a song or looking at a picture.

Songs from the 80s Feel So Special Even Nowadays

As we’ve already said, the 80s were a special time, and they continue to have a certain ethereal quality to them. What other time in history has given us so much variety that we could simultaneously have someone like Madonna performing while bands like Aerosmith or Metallica are thriving? Perhaps no other time has experienced such an upheaval in music. What we collectively gained from this experience is the ability to find songs from this era that run the gamut of human emotions. Love, anger, jealousy, passion, and a desire for adventure—all these concepts are omnipresent in the music from this time and make the songs feel incredibly special these days.

Our Top 10 Love Songs from the 1980s

In the pursuit of good love songs from the 80s, we have come up with 10 unforgettable songs that define this era’s greatest love songs. Many of these were popular choices for proms, weddings, or driving around with a special guy or gal at night. Consider each and see how it’s still relevant in your life today.

  • “Heaven” by Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams’ ballad might feel a little cliché these days, but it’s a very heartfelt song. He talks about how meeting that one right person can change your entire life and make you feel like, well, you’re in heaven.

  • “Crazy for You” by Madonna

Looking at the name of this song, many people expected something that was more hard-hitting, but Madonna surprised everyone by delivering a more reserved, calmer take on being “crazy” for someone. The love in this song stems from intimacy and passion, not just a minor crush.

  • “Take My Breath Away” by Berlin

The song’s use of symbolism might have been too much for young people to get back then, but the refrain of the song, “take my breath away,” was more than enough to convey the message. Meeting someone or suddenly falling for a person and just feeling lost in your own mind over them is a scary, exciting way to fall in love.

  • “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler

Love doesn’t feel good all the time, especially if a relationship ends. This song deals with the other side of the coin, and that is important too! After all, just about everyone goes through a breakup at some point in their lives, and this song helps people get past the difficulties.

  • “Angel” by Aerosmith

This song was not typical of Aerosmith during this time, but it showed a side of the band that helped its longevity. In this song, the singer is begging for a woman to come and save him from his feelings of loneliness tonight. It’s a great song for tough guys to play to show that there is more beneath their exterior.

  • “Endless Love” by Lionel Richie & Diana Ross

Two powerhouse voices, Richie and Ross, sang this duet, and it blew everyone away. It’s two people that are completely in love singing to each other and complementing their styles. Few songs have been this potent and successful.

  • “The Time of My Life” by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes

This song is famous for being in Dirty Dancing, but the lyrics are also important to recognize. Love is an adventure, after all, and you should enjoy the journey as much as possible.

  • “Can’t Fight This Feeling” by REO Speedwagon

What happens when you start to love a friend? It’s a difficult situation but also a common one. This song puts words to these feelings and gives listeners hope they can make that situation work.

  • “Is This Love” by Whitesnake

How do you know when you’re in love with someone? It’s an age-old question. To some, it’s waiting by the phone for a call or aching to be in someone’s presence. The song helps people reflect on the question and find an answer for themselves.

  • “Feels So Right” by Alabama

Country music was coming into its own during this time, and Alabama came crashing into the mainstream with this song. It’s simple and short, but it ensures someone in love that they’ll understand when they’re in love because it will just feel completely right.

Finding the right music for the complexities of love was a lot easier back in the 1980s. The variety of songs, styles, and artists made it easy to find some way to reassure yourself that you were on the right path with love. These are just ten of the best songs to guide you through your moments of happiness or doubt, and many others from the 1980s exist that could do the same.

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