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Why were medical TV shows so popular among single doctors?

by Kathy

TV shows are popular among young people and singles. Doctors are no exception. Many singles have a lot of free time and want to improve their knowledge in a particular topic and area. TV shows have been around since the 1980s and are still popular today.

Medical TV shows as a guide to relationships

Many doctors believe that their work is inaccurately portrayed in medical TV shows, but at the same time, most of them consider some aspects of being quite accurate. For example, a romantic relationship. Those crazy dramatic, romantic storylines found in medical TV shows can be pretty accurate in real-life hospitals.

Thanks to IMA Research, it was found that every seventh doctor believes that the depicted romantic relationships between colleagues are, in fact, realistic. Nearly every third doctor and nurses believe that medical TV shows accurately reflect the stress levels associated with their work.

IMA Research conducted a survey among single doctors about how their profession is described on television and whether medical TV shows were beneficial to them and their relationships. Many survey participants confirmed the hypothesis that medical TV shows perfectly show the relationship between doctors, and many of the single doctors watch shows to build harmonious relationships based on the main characters’ relationships. It can be concluded that many inexperienced young people are looking for the most appropriate behavior model in a relationship.

The main reason why women are so obsessed with uniform

Most women think that men in uniform are sexy. Why does the form excite female fantasy and desire? There are several reasons. Men, like women, exude both authority and a certain degree of self-confidence. Their position at work makes them decision-makers and increases their self-esteem, which is most pronounced in wearing the uniform. The uniformed men are elegant and belong mainly to one of the elite or important groups of the population. In addition, the person who wears the uniform has a certain level of education. Accordingly, a person in uniform is automatically considered educated, or at least trained, which evokes a feeling of respect and reliability. A man wearing a uniform is characterized by discipline, intelligence, and physical strength. This is the basis for the sexual attractiveness of men in uniform in the eyes of women. Many women want to find a partner who works as a doctor. The most effective way to meet representatives of this profession is to use specialized dating sites. This will definitely help you find the most suitable partner for a relationship or a casual meeting and save you time. Also, almost all dating sites provide the ability for users to filter users according to certain criteria. Accordingly, there is every chance to find the most suitable partner for you.

Top 5 medical TV shows from the 80s

There is a list of popular TV shows among young people.


“M * A * S * H” is an American television series created by Larry Gelbert based on the novel by Richard Hooker, “MASH: A Novel About Three Army Doctors.”

The series shows the life of the military mobile surgical hospital No. 4077 (MASH – Mobile Army Surgical Hospital), located in Uijonbu (South Korea), during the Korean War. This series still has high ratings and is broadcast by many TV companies around the world.

Trapper John, M.D.

Trapper John, M.D. is a popular American television series about medical drama and a spin-off of M * A * S * H. The series shows the life of a doctor 28 years after he was discharged from the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. During that period, the character had mellowed. He became a part of the system as the Chief of Surgery at Memorial Hospital in San Francisco. Trapper John shows great compassion for his patients, often violating “established hospital procedures.”

St. Elsewhere

St. Elsewhere is an American medical drama. The series took place in a fictional small town in Boston, where interns were trained at one of the hospitals. St. Elsewhere dealt with serious life and death issues, but there was a dark humor in the episodes.

The series was critically loved and was nominated for an Emmy award more than sixty times, winning thirteen times. It has also won numerous other awards. In 2002, the series was ranked 20th on TV Guide’s Fifty Greatest TV Shows of All Time.


Heartbeat is a drama series based on the novel The Constable, written by Nicholas Rea and produced by ITV Studios. Most of the episodes have focused on stories that are usually separate but sometimes overlap; some episodes have a special story that focuses on a major incident. Heartbeat went viral and peaked at 13.82 million views in 2001.


Nightingales is a popular American medical drama series that was produced by Aaron Spelling Productions.

Nightingales tells the story of the life of five pretty nursing students and their boss Leonora, who live together in a villa called “Nightingale House” in Los Angeles. Their boss has a difficult personal relationship with one of the doctors. One of the nurses always falls in love with the wrong person. The other is a student from underprivileged minorities. The third is a naive country girl. Two other female students are caring for their illegitimate daughter Megan and, at the same time, study as hard as the others are.

Watch at least a few TV shows from this list to understand better the lives of doctors, their relationships, and their character, especially if you want to start a relationship with a doctor.

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