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80s Prom Dress

by Mackenzie

80s fashion was a huge part of pop culture and kids were inspired by the styles they saw on TV. This section is designed to show you how the 80s looked like throughout their prom dresses! Prom dresses from the 1980s are a definite part of pop culture history and are great for any occasion or picture. Here are some 80s prom dresses for you guys to have a look at!

Vera Wang Prom Dress

This dress is made from silk satin with a lace bodice. It has a back zipper that goes from shoulder to shoulder and also has a bow in the back. The fabric is labeled as “Tiffany Silk Satin.”

“The Hot Kisser” by Michael Fishbein

This dress is one of the favorites in the 80’s because it just screams fun. The styling is great and the colors are perfect for a teen girl to wear to prom. This would be a great dress for any teenager who wants something different from what everyone else is wearing at their prom. This dress comes with a built-in bra that you can wear underneath.

80s Prom Dress

Zaldana Prom Dress

This is an elegant satin dress made from Taffeta that is lined with silk chiffon and features elbow length sleeves. The color of this dress was called “Ivory Taffeta.”

“Parting the Sea” by John Galliano

Simple but elegant at the same time. It has a zip in the back and sparkly straps that are attached to the sleeve cuffs on either side of the shoulders so they can drape down the arms. This is one of the favorite 1980s popular prom dresses because it’s just so different from all the other dresses that were being worn at prom that year. There is a lot of detail to this dress and it’s made with some great fabrics.

Dolce & Gabbana Prom Dress

This dress was made from silk crepe with a satin lining. It has a zip up back and spaghetti straps. There are also pleats in the front of the skirt that were sewn on by hand.

“Perfect Prom Dress” by Polly Morgan

This dress is another top favorite because it’s just so different. The colors and styling make it the perfect alternative to the typical black, white, or red dresses that everyone else was wearing at prom that year. Also love the back details on this dress. The fabric looks like a lace overlay but these are actually satin panels sewn together for an amazing effect.

Chanel Prom Dress

This dress is loosely based off of the “Rag and Bone” dress from the film “Swingers.” It has a back zipper and a bow in the back. The color of this dress was called “Velvet.”

Pacsafe Prom Dress

This is an elegant silk chiffon dress with satin lining, elbow length sleeves, and a high neckline. The color of this dress was called “Ivory.”

“Queen of Prom” by John Galliano

This dress has a back zip. As we all know, this was not an option to be found in most prom dresses made during the 80’s but thankfully this was an exception. This dress looks like a lace overlay but it’s actually a fully lined satin dress.

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