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80s Popular Instrumental Songs

by Kathy

The 1980s were famous for their love of music. All over the world, people were listening to music and making it their own style. For example, there was a unique style of music called “chill wave” that was popular during this decade.

Many instrumental songs at the time were also fairly famous. These were often songs that featured in movies or TV shows, especially as the theme songs of the introduction scenes. Even today, many of the artists that composed these instrumental tracks are still churning hit after hit, many sticking to making beats for popular shows on HBO and Netflix. Here are some of the most popular instrumental songs in the 80s:

“Riders in the Sky” by the Shadows

The Shadows, formed initially in the 1950s, were free to do what they wanted in the later stages of their career, knowing that there would always be enough interest to keep them busy. String of Hits, their album of modern covers, had many singles that gained massive success in music charts, including “Riders in the Sky.”

The album reached no.1 and the single reached no.12 in 1980. He had also been the most successful artist in the 70s with Don’t Cry For Me Argentina and Cavatina, which was previously known as the theme from the Deer Hunter.

80s Popular Instrumental Songs

“Axel F” by Harold Faltermeye

There were many songs that became popular during the 1980s due to being featured in films, and “Axel F” was no different. Theirs was due to Beverly Hills Cop, which came out in 1984 and was the first of a saga that focused on the antics and crimes of Eddie Murphy’s starring role, Axel Foly.

The song “Axel F” was written by Harold Faltermeyer and performed by him. It became a hit in the charts in 1985. So after the film’s box office trade roared, it became a huge hit all over where it was released to the public.

The hooks all match perfectly into each other, and in the middle section there is a very beautiful marimba effect. It rose to number #2 in the charts and stayed there for a number of three weeks.

“Crockett’s Theme” by Jan Hammer

Many great songs came from the television show “Miami Vice,” which was a staple of the 1980s. The theme song for the show was very popular, and another well-known song later became known as “Crockett’s Theme.” The song gained considerable success in Europe, too. So it is not surprising that three years after its first appearance in the show, the song became part of the show’s second soundtrack album.

It was a mellow, smooth and easily sequenced work with a style that based itself on electronica. At first there is an ear-catching melody, and then a switch to the other key gives room for the harmonies to dominate and the percussion to flourish. Then a strident guitar solo accompanied the hook. It was composed by Jan Hammer, who did many catchy tunes from the show.

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