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80s Popular Line Dances

by Mackenzie

In the 80s, there were several popular line dances that people of all ages would do. Some of these dances had very intricate steps, while others were simple. The most famous dance was called “The Electric Slide”, which was danced at many weddings and parties during the 80s.

Many people adored line dances because they require lots of teamwork and harmony. This was a great way to spend time with friends, which was important to many people in the 80s. In addition, line dances are fun for the very young and the very old and there is usually someone who can teach it to new dancers.

Some of the most popular line dances during the 80’s were

The Macarena

This dance was popular during the late 80s and early 90s and is a very simple dance. It consists of two people facing each other, one person putting their hands on their hips and moving them back towards the shoulder and then out to the side. The other person does the same thing with their hands on their hips. They then repeat this movement several times.

The macarena dance is the most popular song that has ever appeared on the American music scene. It is a dance that people do everywhere, from kindergartens to clubs. Many have mocked it and done it ironically, but it has also been widely celebrated along the years.

80s Popular Line Dances

This song was written by the band Los del Rio in honor of the work of a flamenco dancer from Venezuela. The song was written spontaneously by them to pay tribute to her during their visit to Venezuela. Los del Rio then thought that the song had potential, so they decided to release it as a recording.

The Electric Slide

This is one dance that has a lot of steps and looks easy! The only problem is that it is not moving quickly enough so everyone must do their part correctly and as a group. When done correctly, this move can be very lively.

This dance was popular at all types of parties but especially at wedding celebrations where everyone danced together in a circle while singing along with each other’s voices. It is also often done at school dances for teens. It has a fairly simple combination of steps, so anyone can learn it.

The Love Shack

Originating from the B-52’s song of the same name, this dance was very popular in the late 70’s and early 80s. A group of people will do a large sweep around one another with their arms out and hands near their shoulders. They click their fingers by their shoulders as they step from left to right and front to back, followed by later clicking their fingers at their waist level.

This is a very popular dance for middle school dances since it is simple and can be done by just about anyone who can walk. This dance has become an iconic part of many lives and is always danced at fun parties in honor of a special occasion or celebration.

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