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80s Popular Looks

by Kim

The era of the 1980s was the start of the decade that changed fashion forever. It was a period where people were starting to become more self-conscious about their appearances, and as a result styles began to change drastically. Many people would have called most of these bands glam rock bands at this point in time. Glam rock bands often centered their image around notable physical features, such as the rise of hair bands at the time.

Whether you were a professional musician or not, there were many notable trends in fashion that flourished in this age. Some of them include

Shoulder pads

Shoulder pads were a common fashion staple among many women in the 1980s, though it was especially so for career women who worked in business. Blazers often had pads on the shoulder area to create a silhouette that was “bulkier” and more structured.

Though shoulder pads were more known for being worn by women, many men also incorporated jackets and blazers with padded shoulders. It made for a very sleek and sophisticated look.


Mullets are the classic hairstyle of the old days. The tagline “business in the front, party in the back” fit it perfectly. It may appear as a completely normal hairstyle when seen from the front, but the choice to have a longer side in the back made for an unconventional look. Many people in the hard rock scene rocked (no pun intended) this style.

Mullets were a popular fashion trend among men. It was worn by many celebrities, including actors and rock stars.

80s Popular Looks

Leg warmers

Thanks to the rise of movies with dance numbers, such as Flashdance and Footloose, leg warmers were a very popular trend in the early 80s. Essentially, leg warmers were somewhat or a crossbreed between socks, tights, and sweaters, which were then meant to only cover up your calves.

They were worn by many women, and often paired with shorter bottoms, such as jean shorts and skirts.

High-waisted jeans

High-waisted jeans were a very popular trend in the early 80s. Essentially, these were a pair of jeans that often had skinny legs and then reached all the way in the upper side of people’s waistline, which was different from the usual jean cut that normally slung low around the hips.

Nowadays, high-waisted jeans are still tremendously popular. You may also find them under the names “mom jeans” or “boyfriend jeans.” This is because the style usually prioritized comfort and practicality as opposed to making your legs look particularly slender.


One of the most popular female pop stars of this decade was Madonna. She wore many different types of outfits throughout the 1980s, including tights, leotards, and even bodysuits. Because of her, this trend hit the mainstream public.

Bodysuits were popular because they provided coverage while still giving women who were going out in public a slim silhouette. They also added a feminine touch to an otherwise masculine outfit. Most people can either wear it on its own or wear it underneath a baggier piece of clothing, such as an oversized jacket or big boots.

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