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80s Trucker Hats

by Julie

Trucker Hats are not just for truckers anymore. Sure, they are super functional in terms of protecting your head from the sun and other elements, but they have also become something of a fashion statement. It is common to see both men and women wearing them while off-road driving—or even on the road!

In the 1980s, the trucker hat became very popular. They have become somewhat of a fashion statement thanks to the many styles that they come in, the materials they are made of and the colors they come in. Just about everyone knows what a trucker hat is but few people wear them on the road anymore. Instead, they are worn by people who like to stay in shape and are off-road driving enthusiasts.

Ideally, most trucker hats should fit snugly around your head so that they aren’t prone to blowing off if you’re driving fast or through high winds. The adjusting strap allows you to tighten it so that it stays put and doesn’t move around too much while you drive. Some trucker hats will have an adjustable chin strap that is similar to what you see on sports helmets (for example, football helmets). This keeps your hat from blowing off while you drive through windy conditions or when you are traveling down the highway at high speeds—especially since it might be hard for you to reach up and adjust it yourself while driving.

The brim is another important feature of a trucker hat because it helps shield your face from the sun, preventing sunburns and wrinkles! It should be wide enough to keep your face and neck shaded but not so wide that it keeps you from seeing clearly when you are driving. The chin strap will ensure that your hat stays on your head even when there are high winds, so this is the strap that you will want to adjust first if you find that it doesn’t fit right.

Trucker hats also have a very low profile, meaning they don’t sit up as high on your head as a baseball cap would. If you have shorter hair, it might be hard to fit into a trucker hat with long hair. However, most trucker hats will come with an elastic band to keep loose strands out of the way. This is also useful for keeping your hair out of your face while driving!

History of Trucker Hats

The exact origin of the trucker hat is not known. The earliest models were made from felt, which was a common material used for hats at the time. It is believed that truckers started wearing these hats because they offered more protection from the sun than regular baseball caps did.

Trucker hats are still popular among truck drivers today, although they are also worn by off-road enthusiasts and people who like to look stylish. In the 1980s, the trucker hat became popular and was adopted by many people in all walks of life, including rock stars.

Nowadays, you can find trucker hats in many different styles and colors. They come in mesh styles that allow air to flow through for those hot summer days or if you are driving an open-top vehicle like a Jeep Wrangler or Toyota 4Runner. There are also versions with extra padding so that you can wear them when it’s cold out without having to worry about getting frostbite on your ears! You can get versions that have special pockets on the side or even ones with built-in Bluetooth speakers so you can listen to music while driving. They even come in bright colors so that you can be seen while driving in the night.

There are many different subcategories of trucker hats, including trucker mesh hats, baseball caps with a lower profile and snapback styles. Trucker mesh hats are great for keeping your head cool in the summer heat. Baseball caps with a lower profile are nice for those who have longer hair and need to keep it out of their eyes while driving. Snapback styles have an adjustable strap in the back to ensure that they fit snugly around your head, and some of them even have an adjustable chin strap to help keep them from blowing off while you drive down the road—especially if you’re driving fast or in high winds!

The most common type of trucker hat is the snapback version. The look is somewhat similar to a baseball cap but has a few key differences. The adjustable strap in the back makes it easy to tighten or loosen it for a comfortable fit, and the front brim is lower than a baseball cap, making it great for shielding your face from the sun and other elements.

How to Wear a Trucker Hat

A lot of people like to wear their trucker hats backward while driving because it helps keep their hair out of their faces and prevents them from getting hit by low branches on the road. It also allows you to adjust your hat so that it doesn’t blow off as easily if you are driving fast or through strong winds. If you don’t want to wear it backward, just wear it normally and turn up the brim so that it shields your face from the sun when you need it.

The trucker hats that we have found are not limited to one style, either. We’ve included options with mesh backs or those with mesh fronts for keeping cool in the summer heat. Some are made from polyester while others are made from cotton or other materials.


Adjustable Strap – The adjustable strap in the back allows you to adjust it to your exact head size so that it fits perfectly. This ensures comfort so that you can wear it all day without fear of discomfort or an annoying, too tight fit.

Vented – Trucker hats are vented in the front to allow you to breathe, which makes them great above-ground or when driving in the summer heat. The mesh panel is great for this purpose.

Brim – A lot of trucker hats have a smaller brim than baseball caps, making them more suitable for wearing while driving and not having to worry about getting hit in the face by a low-hanging branch or other object. The brim is also good for shielding your face from the sun and often has an adjustable strap around the chin to ensure that it doesn’t blow off while you are driving.

Sizes – Most trucker hats come in a variety of sizes, so there should be one that fits everyone’s head. The size chart should let you know what size hat will fit which head sizes (for example, large would fit up to 7 3/8 inches).

Materials – Our favorite trucker hats are made from cotton or polyester, and many of them have mesh panels in the front to help keep you cool. Some have a mesh back panel, too, which is great for keeping the sweat off your neck.

Budget – Trucker hats will cost anywhere from $10 to $50, depending on what they are made of and how much they cost. The more expensive ones will be made with higher quality materials that will look great for longer. If you plan on using your trucker hat only occasionally, you can save money by going for something cheaper.

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