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80s Jams Shorts

by Kim

In the 80s, many people wore short shorts in the summer, but it wasn’t too cool to do this. That was until one day when a young man wearing short shorts decided to walk around with his legs exposed. Soon, every high school student wanted to be like this guy. That’s when the idea of “jam shorts” was born! Jam Shorts or “Jams” as they’re called today were originally just worn by young boys, but in the 80s they became very popular among girls and women which dramatically increased their popularity.

What are Jam Shorts?

Jam shorts are a style of shorts that were popular in the 1980s. Jam shorts are short, loose-fitting, and relatively baggy, especially compared to other types of shorts. This can make them look really weird on people with a more athletic build or who have short legs – but if you have naturally long legs, then they can look really good! Jam shorts are usually made from cotton or polyester, although some brands use spandex for stretchiness. They’re usually worn with a T-shirt or jersey overtop because they don’t come in their own T-shirts or jerseys.

What Do They Look Like?

Jam shorts can be characterized as having a waistband made out of elastic that ends around your waist; pants with a drawstring at the waist; a plain, unpatterned fabric that is mostly white or light blue; the word “sportswear” on the tag; in general, jogging shorts that had very roomy legs and low rise pants.

80s Jams Shorts

How to Wear Them

These shorts are really fun to wear! You can wear them on their own as a “classic” style, or you can use them to add some more interest to an outfit with a T-shirt and some other pants. You can wear jam shorts in a variety of different styles and ways. They can be worn similarly to sweatpants, or like regular shorts. They’re great for wearing long-sleeve shirts as well!

Sometimes people will wear them without anything else on top – but they look better when they’re worn with a T-shirt overtop. They’re not too baggy to be considered pants, but they’re also not tight enough to be considered shorts. If you have any kind of tummy or hips, jam shorts are probably going to be uncomfortable for you because the fabric is so loose and baggy. They aren’t very flattering on everyone, but if you have athletic form and legs then you might like them!

Pros and Cons

The biggest benefit to jam shorts is that they’re loose, baggy, and comfortable. Jam shorts are also available in a huge variety of colors – something that’s much less common with other types of clothing. However, jam shorts aren’t the most stylish option out there. They’re usually pretty expensive as well – I’ve seen them going for anywhere from $20-$50 on eBay! Some people don’t care for the style, because it’s just not “fashionable” enough. It can also be hard to get jam shorts that fit you well – it’s not easy to find a brand of jam shorts that fits well on larger people, and it is very difficult to find “longer” jams shorts in stores.

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