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80s Add-A-Bead Necklaces

by Julie

The 80s was a time of fashion and music. The styles were unique and in fashion for many years to come. One style that was popular through most of the decade was the “Beaded Necklace.” The Beaded or Add-A-Bead Necklaces are more than just simple pieces of jewelry. They become a statement and can make a fashion statement. They were an easy way for young girls to express themselves in unique ways. This article takes a look at these special necklaces as they were worn through most of the 1980s.

How They Look Like

This type of necklace had a centerpiece with a variety of beads strung on it, such as glass and plastic beads. Many times these pieces had more than one layer that was strung together to create a more intricate design. This is most common with necklaces made from acrylic or resin materials. Also known as “multi-strand” necklaces, these pieces are often found in higher end costume jewelry stores selling costume jewelry for Halloween and other costume parties.

How to Make

These necklaces can be made from a variety of materials: glass beads, metal beads of various shapes and sizes, plastic beads, fake pearls, copper or silver colored buttons, toothpicks or pins. They can be made from a variety of materials that have been punched out and then glued back together. The most common method for making an add-a-bead necklace is to punch holes through the shape you want it to take and then glue your beads in place. You could also glue your beads on after cutting them out with a pair of scissors.

For the best look you may want to use real pearl or quartz beads rather than plastic ones if you are making this type of item because they will not break. Because these necklaces were made from materials that could easily break, be careful when you are working with them. If the beads start to feel loose or if you think they might fall off, glue some of them back on until your necklace looks how you want it to.

When to Wear

You can wear the add-a-bead necklace to any style of clothing, although it would probably be better suited for a casual or dressy outfit. You could wear an add-a-bead necklace with a semi-formal skirt and blouse or an evening gown. These necklaces are also great for proms, dances, and formal events. Add-a-bead necklaces were very popular during the 20s and 30s because they were inexpensive to make and came in so many different colors and designs that you could easily match your outfit to your necklace. The designs are very simple so that you can fold them up into smaller items if you are worried about them being too bulky. You could also easily make your own add-a-bead necklace if you are looking for a unique piece of jewelry for yourself or for a gift.

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