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80s Costume Ideas

by Kim

The 80s was a time of adventure and fun, a time when you could explore into your imaginations and be anything you wanted. While it may have been an era where people wore plastic pants, ostentatious makeup, and obnoxious hair styles, that just means we can make things even better now! When looking for ideas for a 1980’s costume, it is important to keep in mind what you are trying to achieve with your costume.

If you are just recreating your own favorite outfit from the decade, then there is no need to focus on accuracy or getting every detail right down to the exact color combination.  However, if you want to take the 1980s and bring it into the here and now, then you must do your research. The rules of fashion in the 80s were very different from those of today’s society. You’ll want to pay close attention to the fabrics, color schemes, accessories and even shoes.

Black Dress

This costume is very simple but it looks great! The only thing that you need for this outfit is a long sleeve black dress or a black shirt (preferably long sleeved). You can also use stockings, braces or thin jeans as well as high-heeled shoes (thigh-high black boots are perfect). If you don’t want to wear stockings, use black tights. For the hair, you can either dye your hair black or add some black hair extensions.

Leather Jacket

This costume is a must have for 80s fashion lovers! You will be in love with this outfit because of its simplicity and versatility. You only need a long sleeve leather jacket or anything that has sleeves (like a lace blouse). You can also try using high-heeled shoes and bracelets as accessories. The bracelet is optional but the earrings look awesome when worn together with the jacket.

Biker Costume

Biker costumes are not exactly 80s fashion but this outfit looks so good no matter the era. A biker costume can be worn in various ways and you don’t need a long sleeve leather jacket or a vest for this outfit. You can also add accessories like bracelets, necklaces, rings and even sunglasses if you want to complete the look. The only thing that you need is skinny jeans or leggings because they are not too tight and will show off your legs.

White Blouse

This outfit is all about the white blouse! It’s very easy to make – just wear a white t-shirt with no sleeves under a short sleeve shirt (preferably with ruffles). If you don’t want to wear a shirt, you can also use a long sleeve white dress or a blazer. If you want to go more 80s fashion, you can wear high-heeled shoes (thigh-high platform boots are perfect) and bracelets for accessories.

Tweed Look

Wear a short sleeved cardigan under your sweater or blouse (preferably green). You can also add some bracelets or necklaces if you want to complete the look. The headband is optional but it looks so classy together with the rest of the outfit.

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