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80s Jordache Jeans

by Kathy

The 80s was a decade of change and style, where trends were created and then quickly discarded. At the same time, there was an explosion of interest in fashion and style within teenagers across America. As a result, clothing companies began to produce styles that reflected this newness. These styles often included high waisted pants, large logos on the front pockets and zippers at both the fly and ankle area (as seen on Jordache Jeans).

The Jordache Jeans

Of course the 80s were a heyday for denim, with high rise jeans and tight skinnies. But what about the jeans from that era, which was a bit different? The jean is from 1980, made by Jordache. It has all the cool elements that you’d expect from an 80s pair of jeans: big patch pockets to keep your hands warm, skinny leg and wide waistband for a snug fit, button fly with rivets to add some detail.

This style comes in more than one colorway – black and gray seem to be most common. Sometimes they are just called “Jordaches;” sometimes they are called “Jordache Jeans.” If you can find them in good condition, these things are a cut above the rest. The patch pockets and rivets are what set these apart from other jean styles of the time. Of course, in addition to being great for 80s style, these Jordache jeans can still be worn today.

A Background

1962: Jordache Jeans is founded by brothers Paul and Claude Hargrave in Montreal Canada after they open their first store selling women’s suits.

1969: The company moves to Los Angeles California with 30 employees.

1970: Jordache Jeans enters the jeans market by signing a licensing agreement with Levi Strauss and Company to produce jeans for Sears.

1977: The company moves to its current location in Torrance, CA.

1982: Jordache Jeans introduces its first pair of men’s jeans, which are now considered some of the best-selling men’s jeans on the market. The next year they introduced women’s cut-offs that later became a big hit and they bought out their competitors “El Tio” pants.

1987: Jordache unveils its first denim line for men and women.

1988: The company releases its second line of men’s jeans in a variety of washes and styles.  The success of these jeans sparked the company’s first expansion outside of North America.  They now produce their jeans line in Canada, Mexico, Japan and Europe.

1990: Jordache Jeans wins the “Fashion Award” at the American Apparel Trade Show for its men’s cut-offs with matching suspenders and hats.

1991: The company introduces eight new styles for women that are considered some of their best-selling designs ever. 1992: The brand expands further by starting a denim line for children called “Juicy Couture.” 1995: Jordache releases its first collection aimed at teenagers called “Bad Boy Jeans.”

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