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80s Slimming Corset: The Hook and Eye Top

by Julie

The basics to know about the slimming corset

The corset is an undergarment whose purpose is to refine the waist and maintain the chest. It is a rigid piece, providing good support to the body. Worn by women for generations, it is both iconic and very useful.

Indeed, a real glamorous piece of the women’s lingerie wardrobe, the corset has remained in the minds and is appreciated by women today, who use it to highlight their marked waist and their chest. However, he did not always have this image of a practical piece to use to enhance the silhouette. For many centuries, it served more as an instrument of torture.

In the 17th century, the shape of the corset softened somewhat, and the material was less rigid, in order to leave a little more freedom to the woman who wears it. Another development: the chest is more prominent. It is compressed so as to stand out very clearly and create a significant plunging neckline. We Solado.com have the best collection of corset and lettuce hem top, do visit the site.

The basics things to know about the slimming corset

It’s no longer a secret that celebrities and women these days are getting into the experience of slimming corsets in order to increase the intensity of their workouts or go on a slimming corset diet. The goal is to reduce the size and tone of the upper body. Here are the basics on the most popular slimming belts to help you become a slimming corset enthusiast.

The Hook and Eye Top

Benefits of the slimming sheath

There are several benefits to using a slimming corset during your workouts. First, it helps you maintain good form when doing strength training or cardio. It works to support your body and more specifically your abs and back.

Second, it will increase your body temperature and sweat while you exercise, which will help you shed bad fats. Finally, the main objective for many women who choose to wear the slimming corset is that it allows you to shape your waistline in the shape of an hourglass, which you can already notice immediately by wearing it.

Combine the slimming corset with the right exercises and the right diet

Using a flat stomach corset during workouts isn’t the only method you should use to slim down your waistline. The technique works well when used in conjunction with fat-burning exercise and a healthy diet.

If you don’t already train regularly and want to start wearing your corset, get used to doing high-intensity cardio exercises first. A good exercise program will help you burn fat and speed up your metabolism. You may also need to modify your diet for the best results. Choose organic foods and avoid sugar as much as possible. And don’t forget: stay hydrated.

If you are convinced that wearing a slimming corset is the right step to improve your physical condition, you can choose from a variety of models in our store.

About the waist clincher

The basic idea behind wearing a latex corset or waist clincher during your workouts is to increase perspiration all around your midsection and give you a slimmer waistline and body shape. One of our most popular slimming garments is the hook and eye corset.

The History of the corset: Solado tells you everything

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The Hook and Eye Top

After the difficult period of the war, women wishing to have a full place in a society completely abandoned the corset. Today, the corset remains a piece whose historical side can be admired in a museum, or the sexy and glamorous side during a burlesque show.

However, many lingerie brands still offer models of corsets in a sensual spirit that has remained intact: carefully worked, embroidered, or dotted with small details, they keep their famous historical imprint but leave much more freedom to the woman who wears them, in order to highlight it. Women therefore still use the corset now, because it remains a safe bet for women’s lingerie.

The hook and eye top corset are therefore always, in the collective imagination, a piece with strong seductive potential. It will undoubtedly delight your partner and will sublimate your body so that you feel particularly beautiful and seductive for an evening.

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