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80s Popular Lip Gloss

by Julie

Makeup in the 1980s was all about the eyes, lashes and lips. Lip gloss was essential, especially if you were going to wear a lot of lipstick. The colors were bright and the packaging was colorful too!

It showed a hip and happy look that came from the 80s. The bright colors made a statement without being too flashy or out there; unless that’s what you wanted! Many of these glosses were popular amongst high school girls as well as career women who are constantly on the go. Companies also often made them with fruity scents and flavors

Color Change Mood Lipsticks

These were some of the best lip glosses in the 80s. They were all colored and there was a mood that fit each color. These were great for someone who wanted to change up their look on a daily basis by adding a new color.

It is like magic! It is like a mood ring that changes color when you put it on. Color change lipsticks are just plain when you put them on, but they will change color depending on your body temperature and chemistry. Because it is still around, you can play the lip color changing game even today, no matter how old you are. There were some very popular varieties back in the 1980’s, and still tons of brands are available today.

80s Popular Lip Gloss

Maybelline Kissing Potion

One of the top rolling lip glosses ever created, this was one of the most popular lip glosses in the 1980s. Many companies were inspired to make their own version of it and they became very popular too. Maybelline is still around today, though they no longer sell this product.

The Kissing Potion glosses come in liquidized form and then attached to roller ball applicators. They were clear, super glossy, and even quite tasty. It is like licking a lollipop and rubbing it on your lips, but you will find that there is a slightly longer-lasting shine. A ton of little girls were obsessed with it and ate it up.

Village Lip Lickers

These glosses that came in a tin box were hits in the 80s. They come in all different colors, but they all have the same effect on your lips: they really plump them up. The Village Lip Lickers came in a nice old-fashioned tin package with vintage calligraphy in it and very sweet flavors.

The Village Lip Lickers had a nice tactile quality when you applied them to your fingertip, but it was not the most sanitary kind of lip gloss, since you’d be sticking your fingers in it.

It was produced in many shades and flavors, as well as in varieties that had many fruity flavors in them. It has a head-turning smell that causes people to look at you, wondering where they smelled that strong fruit scent.

Bonne Bell Lip Smackers

These were the top selling lip balm of the 80s. Bonne Bell Lip Smackers were produced in a variety of different flavors, though they all were delicious.

After most of us thought cherry was an exciting lip flavor, Bonne Bell proved that we were wrong. Not only did the lip smackers come in outrageous fruit flavors, but they went an extra step further and created flavors derived from sodas and candies, too. There’s even a lip smacker based on Dr. Pepper! Any girl who had one of these in the 80s would be lying if they said they’ve never tasted it.

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