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80s Popular Makeup Products

by Kathy

The 1980s saw a lot of rising trends in the makeup industry. Girls and others who liked to dress up followed hot trends such as heavy eyeliner, dramatic eye shadow and bold lipsticks.

The 1980s were also an era where teenagers started experimenting with makeup more often as they grew older. Teenagers are known to use makeup liberally and experiment with it more often than other generations because they feel they have better control over their appearance. Therefore, lots of makeup brands tried to cater to the youth. Here are some of the top makeup products you can find in the 1980s:

Dr Pepper Lip Smacker

In the 80s, Lip Smackers were available in the most outrageous fruit flavors, and they even changed the game by offering soda-flavored options. One of the most popular items that Lip Smackers had included their Dr Pepper lip gloss.

Lip Smackers are a classic, and they were very popular during the 1980s when the beauty industry was growing. You wouldn’t be considered trendy if you didn’t have that super sugary Dr Pepper flavor hanging on your lanyard.

Maybelline Kissing Koolers

The packaging of Maybelline’s Kissing Koolers reminded teens of sweet Lifesaver lollipops, which were popular in the 80s for being very tasty. Many teens liked to keep those tasty candies for months, and Maybelline wanted to emulate that.

80s Popular Makeup Products

The benefits of Kissing Koolers were obvious, as there was so much to them. Their products were beautifully packaged and also had good flavors and a catchy name. The idea of wearing something that you could kiss with was attractive to the teens of the 80s, which is why this product was a hit in the market.

Lee’s Press-On Nails

Lee’s Press-On Nails have made it possible for teenagers all over the U.S. to achieve stylish and long, grown-up nails. Have you ever desired long nails that were achievable in just a few seconds? That is what these press-on nails offered.

Every prom girl wants a cheap and fast glamazon manicure, and Lee’s product does this well. They did not always fit well, especially on the thumbs. They also didn’t always stick easily. Even so, many teenage girls went crazy over them.

Maybelline’s Kissing Potion

The Kissing Potion product from Maybelline was a colorless and slightly tacky rollerball gloss. They gave all teens around the world hope that they might meet their prince. At the very least, teens wanted to wear this so they could get into a “seven minutes of heaven” session with their school crush.

The flavors that they gave were sweet and sugary, with one of the most desired flavors being bubble gum. Every teenager enjoyed standing in front of a mirror and rolling the small ball over their lips in order to apply a kissable coat.

Magic Mood Lipstick

With this product, you can fool your friends and pull out some green lipstick that is wholly green. Put it on and voila! On the lips of the user, the green solution actually turns pink. Even though the lipstick doesn’t change colors as much as a mood ring, it’s still a cool party trick.

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