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80s Popular Men’s Clothing

by Kim

Fashion trends in the 1980s were very colorful, and the 1980s style was based on the big hair and flamboyant styles of the 1970s.

The mainstream fashion trend in the 80s was anything flashy. From brightly colored clothing to tattoos, it was all about being unique. In general, there were three major trends that were prominent in men’s fashion during this period: fringed jackets, cowboy boots, and platform shoes. However, it is important to note that not everyone wore all of these items at once. People tended to switch up their style from season to season or even day-to-day depending on what they felt like wearing that day.

Here are some of the top trends in men’s clothing in the 1980’s:

Hawaiian shirts

The Hawaiian shirt is an item that was used by many men during the 1980s. This kind of shirt had a button-up front, and it also was known for its large collar.

The popularity of Hawaiian shirts is still as strong as ever today, so you can find them in many stores and online retailers. Instead of keeping things simple with a white or black background, there were bright red and blue hues that made the shirts stand out from other men’s clothing options available at the time. They’re best for those who love a pop of color.


Fluro is short for fluorescent. Fluorescent is also a word that means neon. People were freaking out about neon everywhere in the 1980s. They used it to make everything from men’s fashion to bar signage to concerts, college dorm rooms, hair dyes, movie screens, and art exhibits. They used neon everywhere!

Even in the years that are later, it is difficult to look at certain neon colors or patterns without thinking about the 1980s. When people wear neon clothes today, it will almost always be reminiscent of the 80s.

80s Popular Men’s Clothing


The tracksuit was another popular item for men during the 80s. The style that people saw for this fashion accessory developed from earlier versions of it, but these versions were much more colorful and had a lot more flair to them. These suits tended to be long and baggy, and they often came in bright colors such as pink and orange.

One of the most important things about a tracksuit is that it is extremely comfortable. This makes it ideal for wearing while doing physical labor or any other type of outdoor activity. Those from the hip hop scene in the 80s would not have been seen dead without one.

Fringe jackets

In the 1980s, fringe jackets became very popular among men on the street and in clubs. The jacket was often quite long, especially when counting the fringes.

Fringes were extremely comfortable and warm, which made it a popular choice among men who liked to go out at night or sit around in their favorite bar on a cold evening. When you think of fringes from the 1980s, you probably think of them as an item that is only for rock stars and other celebrities. When you look at the way people dressed back then, it’s easy to understand why these jackets got so much attention; they made anyone look extremely attractive!

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