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80s Popular Men’s Hairstyles

by Julie

The 1980s saw a lot of rising trends in the men’s hairstyle industry. Men began to experiment with their appearance, and they became more adventurous when it came to hair styles.

Men were always experimenting with new hairdos. They would try any sort of hairstyles that could change their look for the better. The 1980s saw a lot of these new hairdos, especially since there was a trend toward doing something unique with your hair.

Here are some popular men’s hairstyles from the 1980s:


The mullet was one of the most popular hairstyles in the 1980s. It originated in the early 1960s and became very common among men around that time.

The mullet had a very simple design. It consisted of two distinguishable parts: the front and the back. It was the signature style that celebrated the phrase “business in the front, party in the back.”

High top fade

The high top fade was a popular style of hair for the 1980s. It was an extremely simple hairstyle consisting of the sides and back being shaved, while the top was left with a lot of volume.

The hair on top would be split in two sections: one section would be shaved and another would be left long. This created a very cool, short hairstyle that is still popular today with men who want to show off their wild side. It’s popular in the hip-hop scene, in particular.

80s Popular Men’s Hairstyles


The Mohawk started out as a punk rock style. However, it has since become popular among other subcultures such as gothic metal, emos, and even the punk scene. The Mohawk was a black stripe of hair that went in all directions.

The style is, as the name implies, associated with being a punk rocker. It is also popular among teenagers who wish to stand out from everyone else around them. This hairstyle can be found in many 1980s movies and television shows.

Surfer waves

The surfer waves are a popular hairstyle that men can still wear today. Their distinctiveness comes from wavy locks that look as if you just got out of the waters from a tubular surfing session.

Although surfer waves were first popular during the 1980s, they’re still extremely trendy today and are worn by many people who want to look cool for one reason or another. They especially become popular among surfers who embrace the messy hair they get when they do their beloved sport.


The pompadour was one of the most popular hairstyles in the 1980s. It was a very simple style that consisted of a very high forehead, and it was meant to be worn by any man who desired to look dapper.

The hair on top would be styled into a tall point at the front, while the rest would be slicked back. The hair at the back would also be combed upwards towards the middle part of your head. The pompadour became very popular among men due to Elvis.

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