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80s Members Only Jackets

by Mackenzie

The 80s was a decade of style and fashion trends. In the 80s, the jackets that were not only in trend but also in trend to be worn by men were called “80s Members Only Jackets”. The jacket is designed for wearing at clubs or festivals and is composed of a long sleeve hooded jacket with short sleeves and a zipper at the front. This article provides information about this type of jacket including their features, types and their popularity.


The 80s Members Only Jacket is a long coat that comes with a hood and two extra pockets for carrying things such as keys, phone and wallet. The length of the coats is about 2.5 meters or 8 feet. This jacket is made from leather and has zippers in front to make it easy to put on and take off. The jacket’s sleeves are short so that you can wear this jacket without having to remove your gloves. This jacket is designed for wearing at clubs or festivals where it provides warmth due to its thick fur lining which is also water resistant.

A Background of Popularity

The first people who used this jacket were students in college when they wanted to look cool while going out together on weekends, but unfortunately, this jacket was only available for students. After a while, this jacket became popular among people of all ages including kids and teens. By the 80s, this jacket became fashionable as people started to wear it not only at clubs and festivals but also in business meetings and weddings. At weddings, the 80s Members Only Jackets are usually worn by groomsmen who want to look cool while they present their bouquets on stage or dance with other members during the wedding party. Then again in 1984, this jacket was officially launched and became very popular as it is no longer limited to only college students or kids.

The 80s Members Only Jackets were very popular in the 80s and are often worn by those who want to look trendy. This jacket is usually worn by those who want to show off their style and trendiness to other people. It is also common for women to wear this jacket especially when going out with friends or on a day trip. The popularity of these jackets has increased over time due to its stylish appearance, durability and comfortability.


The 80s Members Only Jackets come in different types such as hooded, long and short. There are also two or three button jackets that have a zipper design at the front. The clothes of this jacket are usually made in one color such as black, brown and white. This jacket is usually worn by men, especially those who want to look stylish and trendy.

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