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80s Popular Makeup Brands

by Julie

The makeup trends of the 1980s were the main thing which was offered in the fashion and cosmetics industry. Popular brands like Maybelline and MAC Cosmetics has been mentioned in many articles about 80s beauty. Trends at the time included bright pops of color, lipsticks that changed colors according to your mood, and many more! Here are some of the top makeup brands of the 1980s:

Cover Girl

Even in the 80s, Cover Girl sold a lot of merchandise. You might find eyeliner, mascara, foundation, and lipstick sold by them. And the items came in every color. You will find one that fits you whether you prefer neon or neutral shades.

Cover Girl is an American clothing brand, founded in Maryland in 1961. It is owned by a company named Noxzema Chemical Company. The brand produces numerous high-end cosmetics, but their strategy is to allow models, singers, and actresses to wear their makeup. Hence the name “cover girl,” which alluded to girls who were on the cover of magazines.

Among the celebrities that worked as ambassadors for this brand are Drew Barrymore, Rihanna, Zendaya, and many others. It was also one of the biggest brands in the world to conduct animal testing. Fortunately, this has recently changed.

Lip Smacker

Lip Smacker was a must-have in every girl’s backpack. Their fun flavors like watermelon and cherry were all addictive staples of the 80s.

When Bonne Belle, a cosmetic company, introduced a strawberry-scented lip gloss and balm in 1973, it became extremely popular with pre-teens everywhere. Other flavors that came soon included tropical punch, jelly bean, and orange pop.

And the standouts aren’t all fruity. Unique flavors like Dr Pepper and 7up became notable versions. Lip Smackers are surely more interesting than a regular bottle of lip balm.

80s Popular Makeup Brands


Their products are much more mature and subdued nowadays, but in the 1980s there were some wild items there. Their collection includes everything from eye shadow, lipstick, foundation, and more. The Kissing Potion was one of their top contenders. It was a sweet lip gloss that came in a clear tube with a red cap. The best part about this product was that it tasted sweet and did not leave any residue.

Another good product was the Kissing Koolers lip gloss. It smelled and tasted good! Some of them had some unique flavors, like cherry cola, strawberry fizz, watermelon swirl, and others. When it comes to lip gloss, it represents everything that teen girls love.

Mood Magic Lipstick

One very unique and very applicable item to the 80s culture was the Mood Magic Lipstick. It is a lipstick that would shift colors differently based on your mood. They came in a variety of tubes, and the actual lipstick itself seemed green in color, but would change when applied.

It is said that the lipstick contains aloe vera. It also advertised itself as being water resistant and kissproof, for those who wanted to smooch their partner in a full face of makeup. It’s perfect for those who are bolder and more spontaneous.

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