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80s Popular Pants

by Mackenzie

The 80s was a decade of massive changes in fashion. From the use of flares to shorts that would make you look like a male model, many designers experimented with different styles and trends. One item that stood out over the others was pants. From bell bottoms, to skinny jeans, to baggy cargo pants these were one of the items that would be able to remain fashionable for years at a time. So it is no surprise that they are making a comeback as well. This article will discuss popular 80s pants and give you some nostalgic moments to reminisce about.

Bell Bottoms

The first popular 80s pant was the bell bottom. They were extremely popular in the early 80s and it was only a matter of time before they would make their way into the 90’s. The bell bottom pants are considered to be one of the most versatile items when it comes to 80s fashion. They can hold up well and still look good for years to come. One thing that is important about these pants is that you should not wear them with white socks. It will add unnecessary bulk and will not look good at all. Try wearing these pants with some black leggings or blue jeans. This combination will work well if you want a more casual look instead of something too dressy like grey slacks or even khaki pants with a polo shirt.


The next popular trend was jeans. These were the first jeans in a long time that had a slit up the side of the leg. They still have not lost their popularity and can be worn with both shorts and high waisted pants. Not only are these pants becoming more popular, but they are also starting to become a staple in many fashion collections. You can switch them up by wearing them with any type of shirt or even wear them with your favorite hoodie and jeans.


80s Popular Pants

The next year, 1984 was the first year that people started wearing joggers instead of just lounging around in them. Not only did they become popular, but they also became something of a staple in many fashion collections. These pants can be worn both casually as well as more dressed up. They look good with a polo shirt and cargo shorts or even a button up shirt with some slacks and sneakers.

Cargo Pants

In 1987, the first baggy cargo pants became popular among women as well as men . However unlike most other styles of clothing from the 80s which would only last for a few years before being replaced by something new, these remained popular for the next few years. The main reason was because they were easy to wear and they looked great on just about any type of body type. If you have a larger frame than your friends and you want something that will make you look more slim, then these cargo pants are perfect for that as well. They also can work with a lot of different outfits too so you don’t have to stick with only wearing them with jean shorts or cargo pants all the time.

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