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80s UNITS Clothing

by Kathy

In the 1980’s, when the demand for clothes increased dramatically and most manufacturers had to produce more clothes in less time, almost all manufacturing industries started making garments that can be worn by all sizes. The only difference was the methodology of garment production. They produced them using one size fits all method. One size fits all is a method or process of making uniform pieces which are intended for mass-production, with each unit being identical in every respect except size. It involves sizing items like pants and skirts so that they will accommodate different body sizes with equal ease.

What is UNITS?

UNITS is a clothing manufacturing company that makes garments with no size restrictions. They produce large-sized clothes, up to sizes XXXXL. The company is the largest manufacturer of fitted shirts in the world, including those for men and women. The company’s name comes from its “One Size Fits All” policy which means that all their clothes are designed to fit everyone regardless of their actual body shape or size. Most clients/clients of this clothing line have come from Asia, Africa and other adult entertainment companies around the world.

Pros and Cons

The most obvious advantage UNITS has over traditional clothing manufacturing companies for adults is that they can produce such a huge stock of different styles at one go. The fact that they can produce a huge range of sizes means that the clothing lines are not only more attractive to customers, but they also find it easier to satisfy the diverse needs of different customers. The garments are fitted to every person irrespective of their actual body shape and size.

There are few disadvantages with UNITS clothing manufacturers. One obvious disadvantage is the cost of production. With such a massive manufacturing process, they have to invest in expensive machinery which makes their products more expensive than those produced by traditional companies. Another disadvantage is their lack of design resources and technologies which do not give them the edge over the traditional companies in terms of fashion trends or style creation. They generally use pre-made patterns for all their garments which are made up of similar fabrics.

The Clothing Line

UNITS has a huge range of different colors, styles, cuts and sizes for different body shapes and sizes. They provide various types of clothes for men including shirts, vests and ties, as well as stylish blazers and pants for women. Their menswear line includes five-button suits in three colors: navy blue, grayed green or brown. Their women’s collection consists of high quality dresses with no restriction on the size or shape of the wearer. They even have special products such as tights that are designed to fit or to be worn by all body types. The company is also expanding its product line with a variety of accessories such as handkerchiefs and socks, which are ideal for everyone.

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